Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Doggiversary

One year ago today... Santa Claus delivered to me the most fantastically amazing gift I've ever received. None other shall surpass this gift... as none can.

TO really understand and feel 100% unconditional love, all you need to do is have a dog in your life. I am so blessed, with Santiago de Montréal.

This past year has been more of a roller coaster than I would have ever preferred, but I can tell you this, through it all there was one unfailing, infallible constant... and that is the love I receive EACH DAY from my guardian angel...

Today is his day.

And tonight it's a special dinner with a special guest; Mr Pinky, and a special movie (Beverly Hills Chihuahua naturally) And tomorrow for the first time he will meet his Grand Parents, and in two days he invites his best friends in the world Chachi and Flea for a Christmas 8 day Doggie Camp...

It's all about Senor Santiago... it has been this way for 365 days.

Santiago and I, Dec 20 2008

Santiago and I, Dec 19 2009


Newsguy Bob said...

Many, many more happy years together, guys.


i believe everything happens for a reason, & santiago's arrival in your life means something. he gave you something you needed to endure what happened, and to enjoy in the future. have a blissful life, the both of you!!

Ma Horton said...

I agree with Ticklebear ..there is an order to the universe if we would only learn not to fight it and just let it all happen.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Santiago !
Wish you all the best for the two of you.
I know you will go on having great times on that long tortuous road of life.
Happy holidays too for that special time of the year you love so much, and especially this year with all the family gathered altogether.
Have a great holidays !

Maria said...

I am sure he is just as happy as you are!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Leonard said...

Awww..! Merry Christmas! OR Happy Holidays! ;) peace

CAMERA obsessed MICHAEL said...

What a cuite! Merry Chirstmas Kitty!