Saturday, July 5, 2008

La La La La Ronde

We went to La Ronde for the second time this season.

Had a blast!

This is our friend Kenny on Tour de Ville.

Didier on Tour de Ville.

Didier and Kenny on Le Monstre.

And me on Le Monstre.



Leonard said...

Okay, for the record...I am not "hating" you, I am um...just uh..."envious". ;) peace have a great time!

Mitzi said...

That looks fun did you go on the spinning tea-cups?

Misster Kitty said...

We always have a blast! We get Season's Passes. We're going back this coming Sunday, as friends of ours from Québec City come up once a year to go to La Ronde.

As for the Tea Cup ride, alas no we didn't go on it. Last year I took Didier on one day, and was spinning the cup like mad... and all was good until he closed his eyes... a not very wise thing to do... he was not feeling well for the rest of the day.

HOPEFULLY I can find someone to go on with me next weekend... Mitz, Leonard... if you're not doing anything...

JB said...

The girl behind Didier on that Tour de Ville thing has attractive legs.
...God. I'm such a hetero.