Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I wish my hair was 10 feet high!

Guess where I'm going tonight?!

N@ had an extra ticket for opening night and is taking little ole moi!

And get this... N@ is a Hairspray VIRGIN! She ain't never done seen neither movie. I KNOW! (seems she lives in a cave... with no cable or satellite) This is gonna be like taking the little kid raised by wolves into the big city...

Ain't nuthin'like a night of gay music theatah.

****** UPDATE ******

Well it seems N@ was not meant to see Hairspray... She's home sickity-sick... and has ever so graciously donated her ticket to Mr D... so while it's a totally bummorama that I won't be there with my favourite Gal, I will be there with my Favourite Guy, and as NA@ said "Should've known it wasn't in the cards to break up a gay couple for a MUSICAL" Alas this is true... The Gay Musical Gods will not be toyed with.

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Ma Horton said...

She may not have seen the musical or the movie but I assure you she was hairspray fanatic in her teens ...the bathroom walls and floors were sticky with sediment for years.
'Good morning Baltimore........"