Thursday, April 2, 2009

Canada's #1 goes #2 for all the world to [not] see

Notably missing from the official group photo session of the G-20 Summit in London… our fearless leader Stephen “there’s a gurgle in my stomach” Harper.

Obama has “Yes We Can

Harper has “I’m on the Can

The BBC was the first to report on this, indicating that Harper was ‘indisposed’ during the photo op. Later other reports (mostly in response to damage control from the PMO) claimed that he was in a briefing on a G-20 communiqué. (odd how ever other leader was able to make it and STILL get briefed) Read more here.

Well I think that ‘briefing’ is just cute code for ‘taking a dump’ or ‘in the library’ as it were… so really it’s a bit of both, it’s highly likely that he WAS reviewing the communiqué… in the ‘public library’

Al I can say is that this whole thing is a very visual example of how I feel Harper is representing Me and Canada in general… Not showing up for us, and leading us all into the crapper.

Keep up the great work Stephen…


John said...

Perhaps we was practicing his warmest "smile" and was rushed to a London hospital with irreparable nerve damage.

Down with him. Time to flush 'em like so many goldfish.

Misster Kitty said...

HA! ...he needed an emergency Smilectomy!

XUP said...

Ha ha - Smilectomy...nerve damage. What a hoot. The whole thing is just perfect. You should have posted a sexy photo, too, Kitty to make up for speaking of him who dare not be named

Hannah said...

I agree completely! Time for a new and better leader.:)