Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ByeBye Betty

It's rather prophetic that on the day I was intending to bemoan the latest time slot for Ugly Betty (10 pm Wed Night) ABC announced that they have canceled the show.

It's not much of a surprise really. They've fucked with the show since Season Two with a Hiatus, a Move to Friday and then this season another move to 10 pm on a Wed.

Even a hard core fan such as myself will only go so far before giving up. ABC claims they are announcing this now to give fans time to come to terms with this and allow the show to finish the season and tie up all the plot lines.

Well I'm afraid you've already lost me. This shall be my last UB-Post...

...I've moved on.

Adiós Betty le fea.


joe*to*hell said...

it is not right. at all

that shit is written soooo well....i'm gonna cut someone

John said...

You haven't heard the last of this show. I haven't even seen a single episode and I know it's not going to go quietly. TV has changed. ABC's gonna get an awakening with this one.

Ma Horton said...

As long as you are lost to LOST.