Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Leave it, The Beaver.

Grow the fuck up people.

This just in from the News dept...

I cannot express just how pathetically ridiculous this is.

I have been buying my father a subscription to this magazine for many years... and it was never because I thought I was getting him a skin rag.

Honestly, I know the word 'beaver' is a euphemism for a vagina... but so is "Box"... you don'...t see the resto JACK in the BOX changing their name! A double entendre if ever there was one... So too is "Muffin", and yet you can find Muffins available for purchase in grocery stores, restaurants, Timmies, you name it...

A word can have many meanings... and it's only as sophomoric as your mind. I have personally called a vagina a 'Suzy" for well over a decade and yet women the world over still answer to Suzy (short for Susan, for those of you still maintaining the mental capacity of a 3rd grader)

Do we remove it from our nickels now because one wouldn't want to be caught fingering a beaver on a street corner?

Do we stop printing stamps with the beaver on it because it's obscene to be cause licking a beaver...

Seriously... grow the fuck up people.



while you're right,
they want to optimize proper traffic on their website. that's the modern age for you. the problem was not on the newstand, but the web. i know!! you should see the website for my cat,
"sex and the kitty of montreal, subtitled carrie knows pussy"...
it's hilarious the kind of traffic she gets!!
console yourself. at least, a good institution remains, under a new name. rather that than see it disappear.

Newsguy Bob said...

Really, Kitty, how DO you feel about it?