Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It ain't over...

...til the fat big Lady Girl sings dances.*

So tonight's dances were overall rather good -unicycles aside. There was a near perfect dance; that of Kristi Yamaguchi & Mark Ballas. They ended up this evening tied in first with Jason Taylor & Edyta Sliwinska. The difference being that Kristi and Mark DESERVED their two 10's, whereas Jason and Edyta stole theirs.

Not once, but twice, Jason completely stumbled, tripping over himself. In fact the judges ALL commented on it, and yet skank judge #1 Carrie Ann and skank judge #2 Bruno both said that they'd overlook the stumbles because the dance was so amazing, giving perfect scores. (The dance was NOT that great, they'd both done better as far as I'm concerned). When Priscilla & Louis' dance contained a lift the skank-judges were both there ready to pounce and scold and announce they'd be taking off marks and they did just that.

It's nice to see such impartial judging.

Look, I'm not saying that Dancing with the Stars is such a serious show, with ramification that affect the world in which we live, but I dislike the judges' shallowness. When I vote for someone or go on, waxing poetic on a couple's dance it's because I was impressed, because you could tell they did a great job, worked hard and the dance was clean. I'm not above praising the teams I personally am not a fan of when they do a great job, and not above criticizing the teams I DO like when they do a bad job. Either way I don't pretend to not see something that was there.

Then again, Carrie Ann makes no allusions about the fact that she goes gaga for the better looking men and swoons over them, often giving better marks than deserved. But to comment how a couple tripped up twice, -very badly I might add- and then give them a 10, when only moments before being so emotionally wrapped up in Marlee & Fabian's waltz, that Carrie Ann admitted brought to tears and then give them only an 8?!?! Skank Judge is on my list. And Bruno, for repeating such a sad display of partial judging, is also on my list.

It makes me wish I could vote for the team I want off the show instead of being able to vote for the team you want to see continue. And yes, even as bad as Adam Carolla is... he doesn't pretend to be anything better than he is, while at the same time having a good time.

The only thing more pathetic than the marks given by Skank Judges #1 and #2 were how accepting and deserving both Jason & Edyta acted. If I were them I'd have just said Thanks and be done with it. And I'd have looked damned embarrassed too!

Dare I wish a wish, dream a dream, and see America right this wrong.
...yea... that's ain't gonna happen. Carolla is going home tonight.

At any rate, Jason, Edyta, Carria Ann, Bruno...

It ain't over.


* No disrespect to Marissa... I just needed a good title for the post and well... she was the last to dance. :-)

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