Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Exit, stage left - Guten Nacht, Guttenberg.

Steve Guttenberg, we hardly knew ye.

I was a little surprised and saddened to see him go. By no means the best male dancer, but for certain the most committed and in the true spirit of the show... Personally I'd have much preferred to see Adam Carolla or Christian de la Fuente or Mario leave.

I AM glad that Marissa is safe for another week, along with Priscilla, Shannon and Marlee. And I'm gonna draw my line in the sand and say that while Marissa and Tony are my fun team (and fall backs. heh), I am picking Marlee and Fabian as MY Team.

And Kylie Freakin-FAB-U-LOUS Minogue! WOW-WEE-WOW-WOW! She was just so kitten-with-a-whip.

And what about their April Fool's Day skit on what they do in their free time?! And the MANbo. FUN-KNEE!


Maria said...

OK its been 6 days since you posted this and not a one reply...

so let me be the 1st to say...

"How you 'doin?"


Happy Monday!

Misster Kitty said...

HEH! heya Maria...

Doing good n' you?