Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Premature Jubilation

So the latest season of DwtS is not even started, and in fact there is no initial air-date but rumoured to be among the next season's competitors are:
-Marlee Matlin,
-Pricilla Presley,
-Sharon Osbourne
-Sean Hayes

Marlee Matlin would be interesting... since she's hearing impaired it would be intriguingly to see how her dance partner would work around that since she'd be unable to hear the rhythm of the music to which they danced. No doubt she's be better than half the schmoes that get on the show (can you say Billy Ray Cyrus?)

Pricilla Presley... My only concern would be just how much Elvis would be used... otherwise I think she's do well.

Sharon Osbourne... that'd be too much fun! Can you see Ozzy in the studio audience every episode... Hell I can already see him stumbling out onto the dance floor interrupting one of the dance couples... and possibly attacking Bruno. Heh.

Sean Hayes... can I just say if Sean "Just Jack" Hayes (Will and Grace) is on the show, he's got my vote already... my only wish would that he would get to dance with Maksim ... heh

Anyway, no matter who's on the show, I cannot wait.


Ma Horton said...

Make sure you email Ma and let her know the dancing deets !!

Misster Kitty said...

You know I will!