Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Au revoir M. Salvador

I just learned that Henri Salvador has passed away.

Sad sad news.

I was introduced to the musical genius that IS Henri Salvador a couple of years ago by Didier, and I've had the joy of intrroducing many to his music since, including many in my office, friends and my parents. Mom and Dad especially enjoyed his music, even though they didn't really understand any of the lyric since he sings predominatly in french. He had a magically hynotic so-soothing voice.

While I do not know all his music, I can highly recommend the following CD: Chambre Avec Vue.

If you want a CD you can listen to over and over and over again, play while entertaining guests, while relaxing on your balcony or terrasse or at the beach, on the sofa reading a book or on front of the fireplace, or for an intimate evening alone with that someone special... a matter of fact, if you are still looking for something for your loved one for Valentines Day... go out and buy this CD you'll very happy, and so will the recipient... and you'll have also made Henri smile up above.

Au revoir M. Salvador


Ma Horton said...

Sounds like a relaxing kind of music ...may I recommend Justin Hines ..a new up and coming artist from Toronto . I love his song " I wish you well " . The most inspirational aspect of his talent is that Justin is confined to a wheelchair and severely handicapped but he has overcame the handicap to pursue his dream .

Misster Kitty said...

deal. I'll get your recommendation if you get mine. ;-)

Ma Horton said...