Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clear-cut the airwaves

I may well be in the minority on this, but then again I may not be, but jeeze-louise am I sick of Timbaland. It seems that every second song on the radio is either Timbaland, or 'featuring' Timbaland... I'm sick of it. Well, in fact much of the music the past couple of months is giving me hives... but Timbaland in particular... aren't his 15 minutes just about up? In place of "Featuring Timbaland..." how I'd love to just hear TIMBER!!! ... which leads me to ask... if Timbaland falls in the forest, would there be a song about it? More importantly who'd be "featured"?

And while I'm on it; what the hell happened these last couple of years when now everything is featuring somebody or other. What happened to the good old days when Song X was sung by Singer Y or Z and that was it. Now it's all Song A, sung by Singer X, with Y and featuring Z ...

...When did BACK-UP SINGING become a FEATURE?!?

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Jerome said...

Oh how sick I have been of Timbaland since ... well ... pretty much the moment I realized that there was a Timbaland.