Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Double Feature

We headed over to the "Theatre formally known as Paramount", to catch a Sunday afternoon flick... I chose something with absolutely no substance, other than a few beefy men in next to no clothing... "Meet the Spartans" a spoof of the even more delicious flick "The 300". Would have been just as fine to see on the smalls screen but then, sometimes you just gotta go for the fluff, ya know?


After that was over we thought we'd go see something extra... a little treat to us... and the timing was just right to catch "The Golden Compass". Very happy to say we caught this one while still in theatre. It was interesting, and certainly open to a sequel or two... although I've not heard whether that will indeed happen. Shame if it didn't. I enjoyed it far more than the "Rings" trilogy or any of the Harry Potters... And loved preferred the message of" Questioning, not following. Believe, but not blindly. And while I thought all the brouhaha from the tight wadded, ill fitting underwear wearing, closed minded religious right was over the top when this film first came out, I have to say, they were justifiably upset. (Justifiable in a GUILTY as a kid with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar) The allusion of the "Magisterium" as an organized religion is pretty clear... and even more clear is, even with a pretty face (and Nicole Kidman is indeed that), ultimately behind that face is a far uglier, self serving face.

Plus, I really liked the whole concept of our soul being outside our body and being, for lack of a better term a 'familiar' ...much more user friendly than the term 'Dæmon'... but to each his own. And who knew... hunky Daniel Craig's character's Dæmon was Snow Leopard. Sexy and fashionable... need I say more.


Misster Kitty gives "Meet the Spartans" 3 hairballs outta 10 (wait for the video... or better yet... TV)
... and "The Golden Compass" 10 furballs outta 10. (go see it while it's still in theatres)


Newsguy Bob said...

Thank you, Rex Reed.

Misster Kitty said...

Why, you're welcome...

buff said...

Sounds like the Golden Compass is a real winner.

Thanks for the recommendations, stud.

Yea, sometimes even manflesh or beefcake can't save a movie like, "Meet the Spartans".

Will follow your recommendations.

Mega hairy muscle hugs of thanks for sharing.