Friday, August 8, 2008

If there is a god... *UPDATE*

I cannot believe this... Canadian Government Officials actually listening to the people AND doing the right thing... People, you do realize that this is a sign that the End Time is near...

all joking aside, I cannot express my pleasure that this, is actually being addressed by Officials... Tim McLean's family and friends (and Tim himself) have suffered enough, they do not need any yahoos making matters worse.

Extremist church to be blocked at border: report
Updated Thu. Aug. 7 2008 11:47 PM ET

Canadian border guards have been told to bar a fanatic church group that was planning to protest the funeral of a man beheaded on a Greyhound bus, reports say.

NDP MP Pat Martin told the Winnipeg Free Press that Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day sent the alert to border guards Thursday.

The church group, described in a British documentary as "the most hated family in America," told earlier Thursday that it planned to protest at the funeral of 22-year-old Tim Mclean on Saturday.

Martin said his office was flooded with phone calls Thursday with Winnipeg constituents angered by the group's plan.

"These people are almost as crazy as the murderer," he told the newspaper, referring the church's intentions.

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