Thursday, August 7, 2008

If there is a god...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, let him (or her) smite these psychotic lunatics dead, post hast.

You know, I just might have to go there, and take these psychos out myself, instead of letting them interfer with the funeral. And you just know the lame-ass border guards will let these assholes into the country.

...bunch of fucking freaks!

- - -

"Phelps-Roper said members of the Westboro Baptist Church, which numbers about "70 souls," is comprised mainly of a single extended family."

Yea, my guess is one extremely in-bred family... you know when dogs and cats and other domesticated animals are in-bred their brains get smaller and smaller...


Newsguy Bob said...

What the HELL are you ranting about? I hate having to Google something before making a smartass and/or profound comment about it.
Stand by, I'll be back.
Damn kids these days.

Misster Kitty said...

Click the Text Link on the word LUNATIC ;-)

You do know that typically when you see underlined text on a webpage that it's hyper-linked... right? ;-)

Newsguy Bob said...

Okay, now I know, and Kitty, I'm totally behind you. Those hillbillies should all be stopped at the border, turned around, and escorted back to their immoral trailer park (with apologies to anyone who lives in a respectable trailer park -- and there are a few).

It's closed-minded fanatics like that who give religion a bad name. I haven't read much on how Tim McLean lived, other than he was a carny, but so what? Does that make him less of a human being?

Hey, F***wad, whatever happened to hating the sin (whatever sins Tim McLean might have committed) and loving the sinner.

And protesting at a FUNERAL? Is that what your God taught you? In my dictionary (it's a big book that explains what words mean), that in itself is blasphemy. Have someone who can read look it up for you and read it to you in monosyllables.

Is it any wonder that religious rednecks like you stain the entire United States with negative stereotypes? Stay below the 49th parallel (that's the imaginary line that divides Canada from the U.S. out west) and show some respect for the McLean family.

Newsguy Bob said...

And Kitty: Touché on the link thing. As the disembodied voice on my Wii might say, "Advantage, Misster Kitty."

By the way, the tennis game is totally bringing out the John McEnroe in me. Every time I hit the ball out of bounds, I scream "You have GOT to be kidding," and then warn the line judge that when he goes home tonight, his mother is going to run out from under the back porch and bite him.

Damn, it feels good!

Maria said...

I feel so sorry for Tim McLean and what happened to him. I feel even more sorry for his family that is left picking up the pieces.

Since when does God have any control of what these loopy people do. I am not overly religious but I can say that God never intended for anyone to suffer such a death.

I am hoping our Canada Border Services gets some wild dog to attack them on the way into the country and tell them "God intended that to happen"...

sorry, did I say that out loud?