Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've decided who I'm voting for...

But before I tell you, I have to say this... 2 hours of politicians debating has NEVER been so enjoyable.
Thank you Elizabeth May.

Here in 20 words or less are what I think of tonight's performances:

Stéphane "I want" Dion.

To say you want to be Prime Minister as often as you did and in an almost school yard tone was more than a bit off putting. I don't really think you're the man for the job. Up until I lived in the riding of Jeanne-LeBer and bluntly refused to vote for that slag Lize Frulla, I had always voted Liberal. Now, in another riding I considered voting my old way, but I don't feel that confident in your leadership abilities. While I do think many of your ideas are solid and your commitment to the environment is admirable I just don't think it's thought through enough. I think you'd make an excellent Environment Minister, but right now there's no one in the Liberal Party that instills the confidence required for Prime Minister.

Gilles "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" Duceppe.

Look, OK, I get it, we ALL get it, you're the leader of the Bloc Québecois, you're from Québec; but seriously your constant repeating of "Provinces and Québec" was getting on my last nerve, and it's not necessary and only gives a false impression that you care about Québec. And unless you can show me otherwise, Québec IS a province,so when you say "Provinces" we all understand that Québec is included. Until such time that Québec is NOT a Canadian Province, then you're opinion will mean nothing and you won't be listend to by anyone, so seriously give it a break.

And when answering the last question on why voters should trust you, you mentioned that you understand and should only vote for those that walk the walk, talk the talk and do as they say they would do. Well, Mr Duceppe, you're the 3rd leader, well actually the 4th, because you were also the 2nd... and your party's role is to help ensure sovereignty for Québec. Well after 18 years, how's that working for you.

You can safely guess I've never voted Bloc and never will...

Stephen "I've practiced my smile for weeks" Harper.

... and it shows... because a faker smile there has never been. And thank god your nose doesn't grow when you tell a lie because from tonight's performance you'd have either poked out the eyes of Layton or Duceppe.

You're a foul, vile disgusting excuse for a human being. Suck it. I hate you.

Sure that might sound infantile and immature but well, I'm just trying to speak in words that you cannot twist to your own personal benefit.

Jack "Polly want a cracker" Layton.

About the best thing I can say for you is you're the hottest Canadian Politician I've ever seen, and you'd likely cinch the vote of all gay men 'straight' across the country if you only posed for an campaign poster shirtless...

Aside from that, all I saw was you riding the coat-tails of Dion and May, seemingly expanding on what they had just said. Only rarely did you voice an opinion that was yours and yours alone.

Until you can show me more consistency then I won't be voting Orange any more (Sorry Granddad I know you were pleased as punch looking down from above when I voted NDP the last two elections... maybe once again some day.)

Elizabeth "YOU GO GURL" May.

Elizabeth May.

While the green party is never likely to see itself running a federal government in Canada, at least in my lifetime, I can honestly say that I WILL see you and likely others of your party elected. You my sassy-lassy were ferocious tonight. You almost single handedly kept the debate, not only flowing but animated. Your off camera remarks were some of the best of the night, only shadowed by some of your on camera remarks.

You by far seemed the most well read and versed on the topics. Your consistent attacks on Harper made my nipples hard.

...and your comments on voting and electoral reform....



- - - - -

OK so then, it should come as no surprise...

Well actually it IS surprising, and to no one more than Kitty... I cannot accurately convey just how impressed I was by her performance tonight in the debate, and it only makes me sad I didn't watch the french debate last night.

And even though I know my vote will not make a difference in my riding' painfully Gilles Duceppe is the incumbent here, I do realize that even when you know your vote WON'T bring your candidate to Ottawa it WILL bring money and influence in future elections to them.

As a matter of fact, up until tonight I seriously had no firm idea of who I'd vote for, IF I'd vote or spoil my Ballot (Sorry N@ you lost my vote to Elizabeth)

Voting is one right I proudly partake in and am glad to see that for me, I've made a decision I'm not only proud of, but completely unabashedly happy to share...

Whatever your political leanings are please DO go out and vote. Because if you DON'T you can just shut the hell up until the next election because you've waived your right to bitch, bemoan or complain about who gets elected.


John said...

Oh I so agree with you! I'm so tempted to vote Green. I want to vote Green. Elizabeth May should be in the upper tiers of our government as a voice of wisdom. But I feel the pull to fight evil with the closest blunt object. And aside from repeatedly bashing our current PM over the head with a shovel, I fear the only course of action is to vote Liberal. If only the race were between the red, green and orange, I wouldn't feel like so much was at stake. But the Conservatives must be stopped.
The Green Shift plan is a whole lot like the successful carbon taxes that were implemented in Sweden over the last decade and it's working wonderfully for them. Dion is not well-spoken, but I do believe he is an intelligent man, and he strikes me as a man of his convictions. In the words of the farmer from the movie "Babe"... "It'll do pig."


Misster Kitty said...

Oh I agree that Dion is very intelligent, but hos such a push over and far to wimpy. It worries me. I Think he's got great ideas and frankly we HAVE to shift Green nnot only politically but in every sense of the word. I just don't feel he's got 'leadership potential' It's sad really.

And at any rate I'm in Duceppe's riding and so my vote to a certain extent is a lost vote. The only strength it has is adding weight for one of one of the national party's total vote count and I really don't think the Liberals or NDP need my one vote but the Greens can sure use it. And not only that, I was impressed with her. Plain and Simple.

And of course ANYHTING but Blue. Your Blunt object idea... BRILLIANT! back in the 80's a friend and I used to joke (yea right) about one of us going off the deep end and blowing up Mulroney... of course they'd be convicted, but the other would write a tell all book on how they planed and went through with it, garnering massive public sympathy and support, then get a movie deal, make lots of dough and then buy the other's way out of prison... because really who didn't (doesn't still want) to see Mulroney go down... We just couldn't decide who would get the pleasure...