Friday, October 10, 2008

toodles poodles

Kitty is on the vaycay for a week...

YES. Again!

I only do it to upset Maria!

Actually this will be a very special Vaycay and Thanksgiving... I've been in Montréal just a little over 217 years and this will be the first time my family (any of my family) had some to visit.

Dad's health is all over the board again. He was rushed to Hospital last week again. They thought he was having a heart attack. It turns out it was only an infection to the lining of his heart... I KNOW! that doesn't sound good, but seriously it's far better than a heart attack or a stroke!... it's just that he only received permission from his Doctors as of 4 pm yesterday to still be allowed to travel up here to Montréal.

So will be stuffing our collective faces on Monday, and taking little visits around the city, and an overnight trip to Québec City, but no hard core touristic stuff, cause the old man is an old man and needs his nap time... which is ok cause Mom and Didier and I will go shopping! lol

I'll post throughout the week, somehow, some way... so yea, I'm n the vaycay but I'll be around...


Mitzi said...

Sorry to hear about your dads heart troubles, have a lovely time!

xup said...

Where exactly do you work? I thought I had a lot of vacation time

Newsguy Bob said...

Enjoy the weekend, and give Mom and Dad hugs for all the members of your cyberfamily.

Kevin Is The New Shirley said...

Another vacation?
SRSLY...What's your job again??

Have a wunnerful time! Gobble Gobble!

N@ Lauzon said...

Hey! Happy Thanksgiving!
Love to your family - and extra special good vibes for Pa!