Friday, November 28, 2008

which one is Kitty's Desk?

One of these two desks is mine. Can you guess which one it is? The left or the Right?

The Left?

Or, the Right?

If you guessed the Left, you don't know me at all!

Of bleeding course it's the desk on the Right!

The main theme this year is Snow Flakes... with a sub theme of White Gay Trash...

Here's a close up of some snowflakes....

And here's a close up of some of the white gay trash... Tissue Honeycomb Santa and full on gay disco ball mini Christmas tree...

What? too much?


Maria said...

I am NOT surprised at all the decorations and I just want to know what is in the glass/what you drinking in the 3rd pic? and why does the date show the 29th on your santa date calender? I know we all wish it was Sat the 29th but in my culture your not suppossed to jump ahead... its bad luck. Now change the date... dammit! HEH

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Misster Kitty said...

That's Green Iced Tea

The 29 on the Santa is for 29 days til Christmas (the pic was taken on Wed. :-)

Maria said...

Are you kidding me? You count down the days to Christmas? Your a Christmas maniac!

SO what's on your Christmas list for this year?

Christmas keeps getting more and more expensive for me every year and as the kids get older.

Sonny Boy: wants an IPOD TOUCH.
(I promised him I would get him one if he made the school honor roll for the second year). He did so I need to keep my end of the bargain. The kid is a genius. Getting expensive for me. His math grade was 98% while half the class failed and the class average was 63%. His science grade was 90% while the class average was 53%. Now where do I get an ITOUCH for a good price?

Princess wants a Nintendo DS and a bunch of other stuff.

Hubby is getting socks. LOL

Misster Kitty said...

hell YES I count the days! lol

I'll be publishing my Christmas list(s) on the bmog starting next week... ;-)

Good on sonny boy! You gotta be proud of those marks!