Sunday, December 7, 2008

Honoré Baumier

I have the pleasure of introducing Didier's and My 2008 Christmas Tree: Honoré Baumier.

Santa on top.
(and yet he's got a tree up his bottom?!?!)

Another angle so you can see some of his swank Leopard Print...

And some of my Fav decorations:

Two Cute Teddies (of Didier's; from France) and of course Stewart Gilligan Griffin.

A Papier Maché Leopard from India.

Hand painted Leopard Ball.

The Pig Family.
Why not? It's not a Chanukah Bush!

The Christmas Pickle (in the background) and the Christmas Lobster.

And last but not least, my favourite of them all, a hand blown glass Reindeer with a Teddy and Presents... oh and a gayer than god candy cane. :-)


Newsguy Bob said...

So who cut the balls off the leopard so you could hand-paint them? Gutsy S.O.B., whoever it is.

Verification word: boris

Misster Kitty said...

Well duh! Me of course! ...but alas I only got the one... but ain't he a beaut!