Saturday, February 28, 2009

¢a$h on£¥

Well guess who I got a call from (AGAIN) this morning?!
--- The lovely folks over at the fraud department over at TD-Canada Trust.

Now, guess who's debit card was fraudulently copied (AGAIN!)?!?
--- Me. (FUCK!)

Go back in time with me won't you to that time, oh so long ago... February 6th actually.

Seems even though I've been far more cautious where I've used my debit card since that first episode, I've still managed to have my card duplicated. Unfortunately this time the amount the effing thieves wanted WAS in my account, Fortunately however the bank was already on to them and my card was blocked less than an hour before their attempt.

I am so not a happy camper. (again)

I'm very happy that they saw the activity, but am pissed that
A) it happened again!
B) that they won't tell me where it occurred. (You know and I know that they know! They share info with other backs - they told me as much - and so they can put the locations I used my card and all the others that were frauded in a spread sheet, and see where the same locations were used and go from there.) I want to go there and seriously cause a stink and some serious damage to their store.
C) Now I feel I cannot use my card ANYWHERE.

Well here's that I'm going to do only use my card at three places. My Bank, the Grocery Store and the Pharmacy. THEN when I get the next call from the bank I'll at least be able to know it came from one of these three locations and god help them if it was the bank itself.

Until then,

I'm ¢a$h on£¥


Shirley!...or is it Kevin? said...

Brutal! OMG it's hard enough when it's once.

sorry, kitty.

Misster Kitty said...

And you KNOW it's gonna happen again cause shit like this always strikes 3 imes!

Mitzi said...

Things of that nature often come in threes. Bastards!

Misster Kitty said...

My sentiments exactly Mitz.

The Pansy Bastard™ said...

I just was notified that MY debit card MAY have been "compromised." Great. I use that stupid card for all sorts of automatic transactions and now I have to call about 900 places to get them to switch to another card, only temporarily, until my new one arrives.

I can partially relate. If it happens again, I will be demanding to know who it is and then track him/her down and run them over with my big ole' Cadillac. I'll have to reverse over them a few times, too.

No one else seems to want to steal my entire identity. I've always said whoever steals it, MUST keep it, and all the bullshit that it entails. It will make prison look like tea with the Queen!

If you learn the identities of the perpetrator(s), let me know. I'll road-trip up to CA and we'll make some tire-tracks on someone's behind!

Misster Kitty said...

'may have' ?!?! that would tip me over the edge. Either it HAD|S been or it hasn't?!?!

Time to go vigilanty I say!

Angry Gnome said...

It does indeed suck to be you, Misster Kittay, or at least, your bank card... which I fear will now be woefully neglected.

Angry Gnome said...

It does indeed suck to be you, Misster Kittay, or at least, your bank card... which I fear will now be woefully neglected.

Leonard said...

Why can't they tell you where it happened? That makes no sense to me. Right now it may kinda suck to be you, but overall you're hmm...what's the word? Oh, Fabulous! ;) peace