Friday, February 6, 2009


So now that mother of FOURTEEN, you know the one... she just gave birth to EIGHT more on Monday Jan 26th.

Her story: she loves children and just wanted a large family.

Well This Kitty ain't biting. This is mental illness and greed. Pure and Simple.

It seems she loves her children so much (the initial six living in a 3-bedroom house with her parents and the latest eight ALL still in hospital - and will remain for at least another month) that she has left them all behind back in California to fly (my guess is first class) to New York) to do an interview with NBC News.

Yea, that's love... love of money. And I don't beleive for a flipping minute that she wasn't paid for this interview, sheince she's already said she's be 'willing' to appear on Oprah... for $2,000,000.00 BITCH PLEASE! I'll go on Oprah for 100 G and she can kick me in the nuts for all I care, but at least I'm not abandoning my 14 children, which is all I really wnated.

At the VERY LEAST if NBC and she thought this interview was SO important that it needed immediately to be completed, why not have the interview in California? Was it necessary to fly her to New York?!

There is nothing beautiful or miraculous in an ARTIFICALLY created pregnancy that would NOT have happened in nature. And there’s nothing Beautiful about the lives these 14 poor children are going to be subjected to. Their only chance of any acceptable level of comfort and care will be by whoring their story for as long and as often as the Media and Companies wanting ‘free’ publicity will donate time, money, products and air-time to their story.

It's gonna be a Hard Knock Life for sure...

Even Annie would be disgusted!


Hannah said...

I agree with you completely! She is an incredibly selfish person who looks at kids not as human beings but more than a sideshow spectacle that can make her money. Ech!

Cheryl (a.k.a Sherri, and vice-versa) said...

Have you SEEN her interview? --the video is on -- she's definitely not operating on full battery power. And she has had some major lip injections done (meow!).

Misster Kitty said...

Hannah... It's flipping sick! And I don't know WHY these thinks irk me like they do, but it really makes me wan't to track her down and slap her til she gets a clue!

No and I likely won't either Cheryl... I like my TV and I'm afraid if I DO watch the interview I'll likely throw something at it.