Friday, February 6, 2009

Un-natural Selection

What the HELL is going on in the world right now?!?!

Nature dictates that once you reach Menopause. Your birthin' days are over. What is with all these women over the age of 50, over 60, that are getting artificially inseminated, having IVF (in vitro fertilization) ?!?!?!

Not only is it NOT Natural, the women are putting themselves and their unborn children at risk. Not to mention the higher than possible risk that even if the birth is fine that those children may soon be motherless. Is that fair?

Is there actually a LAW that allows 50 year old POST MENOPAUSAL women the right to give birth to children they may not be able to raise either because they are too frail or because, frankly, they're DEAD! Personally I think there ought to be a LAW that says you CANNOT receive IVF if over the age of 50.

And before any women libbers think I'm getting all up inside their uteri Back the eff off! This is NOT about a woman's right to choose, this is NOT the government taking control of your reproductive rights... THIS is NATURE. If you are able to get pregnant at 50, 55, 60+ well good for you. My guess is MOST women wouldn't want to go there. Fact is the VAST majority cannot conceive at that age... it's called MENOPAUSE and it's a simple basic fact of life. Accept it, move on, get a cat already. Or do like the woman and Russia and get 130 cats. Just do not subject an child to your failed dreams of being a mother at having a house bound convalescing mother that dies when the kid is 3.

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Recent cases of women more concerned with fulfilling their emotional need to give birth, rather than to considering the lives of those children without their Mother include, most recently:

Yesterday, a 60 year old East Indian woman in Calgary Alberta, that claims she's tried for the last 40 years to get pregnant but couldn't (think that might be a sign from Ganesha?!?!) gave birth to twins. She was refused IVF treatment here in Canada because we actually WILL refuse the treatment for women over 50... so she went to India for the treatment, which is where, quite frankly she should have stayed to give birth and raise them. And she's so delusional that even though she flew half way around the globe to PAY some quack to impregnate her and it took a team of Specialists to deliver her pre-mature twins she claims that her pregnancy and their birth was somehow the direct result of Divine intervention. Bat-Shit crazy I say! What IS she smoking?!

December 2008, an Indian woman gave birth to her "first" child. The reports on this one indicate she wants to have more!

August 2008, a 61-year-old Japanese woman gave birth to her own grandchild, using an egg donated by her daughter. Now Ok, I can understand the need for a surrogate womb for those not able to carry a pregnanct to term,, who are YOUNG enough to raise the child (children) but was selecting the 61 year old Grandmother the right choice. Not only would this have been a great stress on the older woman's body, but EWWIE! Creepy. I mean I LOVE my Grandmothers but I cannot imagine the creep factor if I were to realize they gave birth to me...

July 2008, a 77 year old Indian woman gave birth to twins.

Feb 2006 a 62 year old GREAT GRANDMOTHER gives birth to her TWELFTH child. REALLY. Did she really need to give birth to one more child that will YOUNGER than her Great Nieces and Nephews?!?!

Jan 2005 a 66 year old Romanian woman gives birth to a girl. And yet another whack job calling her INF pregnancy "God's will" Even the Romanian Orthodox Church condemned Iliescu's decision as "selfish."

Romanian Mother of the Year with her now 3 year old Daughter.

Feb 2004, a 65 year old woman who went through menopause 20 years PRIOR gives birth to first child.

...and this is just the tip of the severely fucked-up Elderly Prima Gravidas Iceberg...


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All I can say is HEEHEE!!

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She looks like my great aunt Evelyn she's 86 and dyes her hair black. The witch.