Monday, February 9, 2009

DWtS Season 8 "Celebs" announced

I'm not entirely sure what ABC was thinking, but we are so far down the alphabet right now we might have gone past 'Z" and are going back round again. My guess is we've hit F-list at least. and by 'F' I mean FAH-REEK!

Alls I can say is that just this list alone is a train wreck, I can only imagine what the season will hold in store... but I'm going to predict at least one psycho-bitch meltdown (possibly with jail time), someone will will end up in an AA meeting, someone will need Pennicillin, and the floorboards just might collapse... let's hope there's concrete reinforcement under that floor...

Heads up Shirl, this very well may be the year you watch...

OK enough yammering on, you want to know who the hell is gonna be on. So, here's the list along with what they are know for -double quotes are mine- along with a few observations...

Shawn Johnson, US Olympian

Yea, I'm sick of her already.

Chuck Wicks, Country singer.

Never heard of him, but he's easy on the eyes so lets hope he can do more than the two step and the achy breaky dance.

Lawrence Taylor, former New York Giants linebacker.

Requisite Black Football player.

Gilles Marini, Actor, 'Sex and the City'

No clue who he is, (I've never watched an episode of 'Sex and the City' before, but I sure as hell have a reason now) As far as I'm concerned, we have ourselves a wiener, er, I mean winner.

David Alan Grier, Comedian.

Supposed funny man... ?

Jewel, "Singer" and husband Ty Murray, World champion bull rider.

Only heard of one of em and wish it was the other way round.

Nancy O'Dell, television host and entertainment "journalist"

Hmmmmm Gossip mongering is now journalism, I guess that means all of us are Blogger Journalists now... And you just KNOW she's gonna have all the moves of a pole dancer (minus the dancer) and might I just say... nice spray on tan...

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder

OK this is just the warm up pic to reality. But I think you'll agree it was flattering.

Yea... But hey, for a dip into that bank account, I'd tap that. ...for a VERY BIG DIP into that bank account. ... were talking at least seven 0's

Belinda Carlisle, Singer, former Go-Go and Nutri-System spokesperson

Let's hope she's still got the beat. (And Props for the fabu scarf.)

Denise Richards, "Actress"

'Actress' more like bat-shit crazy psycho demon bitch from hell... Although I'll admit to one shining moment in her acting career... in 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', when she combusts in the Swan Float.

Stephen Glover a.k.a. Steve-O, "reality star", 'Jackass'

Jackass...? no shit! Lets just hope he's paired up with either Edyta or Karina.

Lil' Kim, rapper.

Ghet-to ho. SuperSkank. One-time Bitch of the Notorious B.I.G. Jail-Bird. PetriDish.

On the plus side she's bringing her own wardrobe...

(sometimes not even Leopard Print can save you)

- - - - -

In the end however you know, once the show starts (Monday March 9th, one day after my Birthday... HINT HINT) that all I will be blogging about is ...

As if that's a bad thing?!


libhom said...

You better hurry up and watch Sex in the City. Someone might confiscate your gay card if they find out you haven't.

Misster Kitty said...

I've never watched QAF either the (UK or US)

Misster Kitty said...

But for Gilles sake I'm willing to reconsider...

Scooter said...

So the rumors about Nancy Reagan being on DwtS are false???

And it's okay...I've never seen SitC either!

Misster Kitty said...

Is Nancy still kickin'??!!?

Newsguy Bob said...

Nancy's not still kicking. She has people who do it for her.

Li'l Kim doesn't have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction. Her entire wardrobe IS a malfunction.

Ma Horton said...

Well I heard the new lineup first from my Kittycakes. I think you got all the dancers ( and I take that term so very lightly that you hear nothing at all) right on target.
Why on earth is she called LITTLE Kim?

Ma Horton said...

It looks like Naked Dancing With The Stars this year. Vavavooming.

Misster Kitty said...

It's Ironical

XUP said...

Man, where do you find these ho-skanky females? I'm feeling a little ill.

Misster Kitty said...

Where do *I* find em?! You mean the pics? Well these were all on the first page of google image search and there was far WORSE out there....

The Pansy Bastard™ said...

Your summmation of Denise Richards is just spot-on! I about spit out my coffee when I read it.

The rest of them, MERCY! Steve-O? Lil Kim? I've never watched DWTS but I might have to find some time to see this season.

Misster Kitty said...

I know! I Know1 I urge anyone who has never watched before to watch this season cause it's gonna be SOOO bad it's gonna be good.


... and in at least one case, all of the above. Seriously someone could possible be killed this season.

libhom said...

Nancy Reagan is a reanimated corpse.