Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mr. Magoo

I'd like you to meet one of the special little furry fellows rescued on Feb 27th by the CSPCA here in Montréal. They have given him the name Mr. Magoo... a most bittersweet name for a most adorable little creature that will pull at your heart like no other.

Take a closer look please... Mr. Magoo is not asleep in my arms, nor is he blinking; he has no eyes.

It's unclear if he was born without them or if this was caused by neglect. He also has an open molera or "softspot' on the top of his head (a not completely uncommon health issue in Chihuahuas that are purebred and ... inbred), their skulls don't entirely fuse. But Mr. Magoo's is larger than normal, which means he needs to be handled with extra special care. He will be held for observation for a few weeks before they decide to advance him for adoption. They want to be certain that he does not suffer from seizures or other complications from this.

In the meantime, now at least he is receiving that specialized care.

Mr. Magoo is just one of over 60 dogs just rescued at the Montréal SPCA (on Feb 27th 2009)

Mr. Magoo along with his mill-mates need help. You CAN help him and many others... To find out how go here ...

It's easy and takes only a moment of your time. I posted the pick above of me and Mr Magoo on my Facebook page along with his story and the link (above), about an hour ago and 20 mins later I received an email telling me I had received an 'e-card' from When I clicked on the link, this is what I received...

With this added note:

"A donation has been made at in your honour and Mr Magoo."

I am not exaggerating when I tell you I got very choked up and my eyes got very misty.

One of my facebook friends was very moved by Mr. Magoo, and as he wrote to me later when I thanked him...

"I'm just beside myself. My grandmother had a Chihuahua that looked exactly like Mr Magoo, so seeing him really hit close to home. I have two dogs, Lola and Spot, crazy as they may be; I love them and can't imagine what my life would be without them."

And can you blame him? I know that's how we feel about our Santiago.

The soon to be happy ending here is that I know Mr. Magoo will go to a loving home, as will his mill-mates. What is NOT a happy ending is that stories like these are far from over...


Mitzi said...

Poor Mr Magoo, I hope he finds a well deserved home soon.

The Pansy Bastard™ said...

Poor Mr. Magoo! My best friends' toy rat terrier was attacked by a possum and lost one of her eyes. It was a horribly traumatic thing but she has recovered nicely. I'm dog-sitting her at the moment, and she's such a pain sometimes but seeing Mr. Magoo made me forget about my irritations and cuddle up with her closer. And I'm not even a DOG person!

I do hope Mr. Magoo, and the rest, find good homes.

Misster Kitty said...

Our little one is a puppy mill rescue as well... we nearly mauled him to death after we got back home.

I am certain Mr Magoo and all his mates will find good homes. This particular CSPCA has a great record placing the rescues.

ayem8y said...

Mr. Magoo deserves a good home with an older person that will spoil him all day long feeding him birthday cake at the dinner table with a little hat on. I hope he finds a good place. You do such good work Kitty and it makes me smile. Incidentally I was wondering if you could offer any assistance with the following;

Dear Kitty,

Please help me find a new home. I’m an abused old queen, well used old queen, in need of a nice loving home. Would you check around to see if anyone would be willing to take me in? I don’t eat much and I’m house broken, well most of the stuff in my house is broken and food has gotten too expensive so I’ve had to cut it out of my diet. I’m in need of an indulgent and enabling home to let me lay about all day sleeping and eating.

The world is a cruel place for unwanted old queens.

Any assistance in placement would be greatly appreciated so work your magic Kitty.


Mean Dirty Old Queen

Leonard said...

That's horrible! I'm sure he will find a good home. He will really need a caring person to take care of him. Poor thing, good work Kitty!! ;) peace

Scooter said...

Poor Mr. Magoo. He's adorable! Tell ya what, I'll come visit. Tell him to keep his eyes out for me.

OMG, that was terrible....I couldn't help it. No wait, it was my evil twin. Damn my evil twin.