Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bon Fête $t-Jean

Call it what you want… Fête St-Jean, Fête du Québec, Fête Nationale
...I call it Fête du Cha-ching!

As all my clients are in Ontario and Vancouver it’s business as usual for me today, but thanks to les Norms du Travail du Québec I am MORE than financially compensated for the day.

So to one and all I wish you a very happy Fête $t-Jean.



& to you too!!
la st-jean, to me, is the celebration of everyone happy to live here, as quebec is a good place to live. but anyone trying to piss on this parade is welcomed to leave this party. we should rejoice being here, not bicker about futile things that'll do nothing but cause discord.
that's all i'll say on the matter.
have a good one,
the day is almost over,
& you'll get to join your friends just at the right moment, for some fun. don't overdo it, as you're still working tomorrow, i gather...

Misster Kitty said...


Yea I'll be in the gaybourhood by 6:30 and it's a drinkie or 2 on the roof tonight I think...

Happy Happy!