Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh Canada Didier!

It's Official!

Didier is now now both a citizen of the Republic of France and the Dominion of Canada. He has lived in Canada the requisite 3 years (technically that was completed in Jan of 2008) passed his test, paid his dues and fees , swore allegiance to the Queen, and to her descendants, sang Oh Canada and poof! he's a Canadian!

I'm living with a Dual Citizen!
...which means of course I'm sleeping with two men now! heh

It's a happy day at the house and we're celebrating with Champagne and Foie Gras (ok some things are just better celebrated like they do in the old county!)


Kevin said...

oh what i wouldn't do for some foie gras right now!

congrats to didier! well done!


& how does a frenchman feel, swearing allegiance to lilibeth, second of the name???....
he got over it, i'm sure!!
oui, oui!!

Misster Kitty said...

It was quite a day and a little bit emotional. During the ceremony they also allow existing Canadians to reaffirm their allegiance as Canadians and to take the oath. As someone that was born Canadian I jumped at the chance to do so and pledged my allegiance to Crown and Country without hesitation and in both official languages. ANd so did the 4 other friends with us today. It was a wonderful moment.

And yea 7 bottles of champagne later... we're both exhausted, happy and a little bit drunk! Vive Le Canada!

Newsguy Bob said...

Vive la différence!

Congrats to the entire family.


& will missterkitty be applying for french citizenship soon? a little villa on the coast, shopping at the local market, & cruising on the mediterranean...
tempting, no???
i'd be!!!

Maria said...

Congrats to Didier! How does he feel now being "officially" Canadian? Does he feel different? HEH

Maybe you guys should come by and celebrate the good ole' fashioned greek way next weekend... we are throwing our annual BBQ. Souvlaki & OUZO for all!