Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rot In Hell...


Ma Horton, You ought not read this....

Never in my life has an individual so pissed me off, so upset me, so inclined me to wish ill will towards them, as piece of shit Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt and her head honcho, Canadian Prime Steven Harper.

Why that cunt is still in a position of power, is beyond me. Why she has NOT been FIRED from her post, RESIGNED, kicked out of caucus, or yea... pardon me for fucking asking... APOLOGIZED for her comments regarding the GLOBAL Medical Isotope Crisis; let alone her comments regarding a FELLOW Conservative politician and Minister is so fucking beyond me that I don't even think the Borg could catch up to and assimilate it...

If you're not up to speed, here's a link to the long version, if you want the readers digest edition, here ya go...

On tape, which was apparently recorded "by mistake" (who ACCIDENTALLY tapes their OWN conversations?!?! Bitch please!) in January by Raitt's former press secretary Jasmine MacDonnell, Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt called the medical isotopes crisis "sexy", said she wanted to take credit for 'fixing it', and expressed doubts about the skills of Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq on a recording obtained by The Chronicle Herald.. MacDonnell said the isotope issue is hard to control, "because it’s confusing to a lot of people."

"But it’s sexy," says Ms. Raitt. "Radioactive leaks. Cancer."

"Nuclear contamination," says Ms. MacDonnell.

"But it’s only about money," says Ms. Raitt.


No it most fucking certainly IS NOT. It's about people's Health. Their LIVES you fucking cow... their L-I-V-E-S! I see where that's a confusing subject for you though, seeing where you haven't got a soul or a heart.

Listen to me you fat, putrid sack of shit, you have done NOTHING thus far to HELP the crisis, and selling off an offline Reactor that in all likelihood will NEVER come back online is hardly helping. Allowing a national provider (COVIDIAN) of Medical Isotope Generators (not affected by the Chalk River closure because their supply comes from Europe) sell their generators to their competition's clients at a 300 to 400 % inflated cost, while at the same time DENYING their OWN CLIENTS the same generators. By not looking into reviewing the 'shut down before they ever opened' REPLACEMENT reactors for Chalk River, called Maple 1 and Maple 2, yea you cunt, you're doing a great fucking job!

I work in the industry. I see what's going on... a lot of scrambling and stress, hospitals desperate for isotope, employees fearing for their livelihood... everyday individuals worrying about their LIFE, wondering if they have cancer, heart disease etc but have to wait til god knows when for a test...

... yea, keep up the great work bitch. You're doing super. Keep on being the sexy mofo that you are...

Here's hoping you or someone you love doesn't have to go for a test right now to see if that lump in their breast, or on their skin or that pain in the stomach, or head is cancer, or if that sharp pain they get in their chest is a heart condition... No! Wait! On second thought I DO hope YOU do... because that's hawt! That's sooooooo fucking sexy. I hope you are so polluted with cancer that you fucking explode. You disgust me to my very last breath. Go on Bitch, BE the Sexiest Cancer-ridden skank you can be.

I wish for you a long, slow, painful, agonizing death. And that goes for you too Mr. Prime Minister for supporting the bitch in the first place.

Seriously, not even a fucking apology?!

Fuck! You!


Shawn Ellis

ps: for the record these are things that ARE NOT sexy...

pps: these are things that ARE sexy...

See the difference?



kitty got his claws & fangs all out tonight!!
a sensitive issue for you, professionally & personally,
as you've experienced loss recently,
& i can also relate, professionally.
but as to why harper is not firing her?
he can't get rid of anyone,
or if he does everytime someone screws up,
he'll put his government in a bad position. let's only hope, come election time, that people will remember all of this, & not forget because of some new [or old] promises...
people don't get into politics because they have a heart, or even a brain. they do because they're chauvinistic, ambitious, opportunist & greedy...
(stephane dion is the only one i've
ever heard of who came out of politics worse off then when he got in...)
i rarely feel any esteem, or trust, in most of them.
let's just put it this way:
i wouldn't date one!!
but kitty,
thanx 4 expressing your view on this. nice to see not everyone remaining complacent about this. this is serious business, but people don't seem to grasp it...
spread the word kitty, spread it!!

Misster Kitty said...

Thanks TB...

Yea you're right about politicians, but I humbly recommit my stance that this cow needs to be fired... immediatly if not sooner. This is beyond excusable. This goes well beyond partisan lines... I'll admit I'm not a fan of the Conservative party, but even if the MP I elected, of the party of my choice were to make such comments I would be ripping at their throats too. INEXCUSABLE. Point.

Kevin said...

as soon as I heard about this oh, so SHEXY story, i thought of you. somehow, i gathered you might have one or two opinions on the matter.

this goes beyond the unfathomable. all anyone ever did before was embezzle, abused tax dollars, and maybe, MAYBE the odd sex scandal that could have, COULD HAVE led to a serious breach of security.

But this!?!?! Well now that's just insensitive, opportunism and out and out retardation.

I hope her GP needs to recommend her to a dermatologist for a wonky mole.

mnoyd said...

total, total see-you-next-Tuesday

I literally hate her fucking guts.

Maybe one day, she'll get cancer, undergo treatment, and puke her guts out on an hourly basis.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! What the hell is wrong with people? I ask myself this question ten times a day. Awful

Ma Horton said...

Aside from your effing asides, I do agree. No one like this should set foot in the top office of the land.
You are such a spouter.

N@ Lauzon said...

you go kitty!!!

Maria said...

Holy frikoly!! Thats all I can say, cause you said it all!

I vote for you at the next election.

I know a few people who warrant a nasty letter that only YOU can write... can I send you their address? HEH!