Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Sexification of Lisa Riatt

OK. I will go on record as saying I no longer wish cancer on her, or a long slow painful death [ok maybe something quick and sexy...] because at least 2 days after the fact, she's apologized. And never it let it be said that Kitty cannot forgive and forget... well ok I can't forget, and trust me I'm still fuming mad about this and let it be known throughout the land that I still thinks she's a supercunt...

So, kudos to you Lisa Riatt for bowing to near unprecedented public outcry (and just a a heaping shit-laod of disgust) and finally have a very nice press conference in you very pretty outfit and your very pretty shoes to say, on script, that you're sorry. I don't know WHY you needed to read that off cue-cards, but hey... you did at least SAY the words... right?

And I'd just like to add this... while I know some have commented in regards to my own family's recent and ongoing issues with cancer (My Father is still in full remission status; one the Doctors said was not even possible, and so we give thanks every day). I did not mention that on purpose in my rant yesterday. Or that every other male in 2 generations on his side of the family has passed from cancer. Yes I've seen the ugly hand of cancer, I've seen how it strips away a person's dignity; day by day, taking the life out of a person. I did NOT mention it because, my disgust, my hated, my seething anger about what she said came from the simple fact that it was a loathsome, foul and reprehensible thing to say. Period. As I am sure many with no direct connection to Cancer or Heart Disease. So that she felt it necessary to tell us of her Father and Brother's loss to Cancer, albeit tragic in their own right, had no place in her apology. The apology should had been more forthright and sooner to come and been heart felt in that what she said was simple wrong. Do not play the sympathy card here Madame because it insults us all.

And for those that may think I was a little to harsh, that 'Hey. She's human like everyone else.' Yes. You're right. But the difference here is that the vast majority of people would have apologized at first light. Not waited the 2 days, the demands from Parliament, the prolific blog posts, the news reports and articles, the cue cards etc. THAT is what is truly unacceptable.

Personally I still want her removed from her post. If the Conservative Party still think so highly of her that she can remain in their Caucus, hey that's their choice; stupid, but their choice. I've written my MP, Gille Duceppe, (yea, I know lucky me!) and cc'ed the PMO with my p.o.v. on the subject and asked that she be removed, that anything less is an insult to ALL Canadians.

And just tonight I heard that more of the tapes has been released where she's bad mouthing other fellow Conservative Ministers. What can I say but Screw You Justin Timberlake... you're nothing... LISA RIATT is Bringing Sexy Back... or is that Back-Stabbing?!
Kudos to you Lisa Riatt, you Sexy Cunt.

- - - - -

Apologies to Ma for my continued profanity...



perhaps her "apology" was motivated by someone telling her it was SEXY to make a public apology...
a strategic move?
to save her neck for sure.
but will it be enough?
i personally hope not.

Maria said...

I loved the last 7 words. FUNNY!!

I still think she apologized to save her hiney!

Newsguy Bob said...

She's sorry she got caught. That's all. Crocodile tears aren't very sexy, either.