Monday, February 15, 2010

Misster-Kitty; Professional Mouser

(With all apologies to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Die FuckingMouse!

It's no real shock, considering the building I live in is a little over 100 years old, but I am lo to report that Misster Kitty has Mice.

They seeming have come out of no where, but this I know is not the case. However I will say they have been VERY sneaky and extremely stealth. I was 2 of them last Thursday scurry on the kitchen floor. I sprang into action immediately doing a recognisance then initiated a kinder gentler search and destroy. After all, Kitty is a lover not a fighter...

By Friday morning (thankfully I had the day off) I mad a run to Canadian Tire and stocked up on no kill mouse traps. By the time I did a deep clean, peppermint oiled, steel wooled and duck taped the few holes I could find, I had already caught one cute little grey buggar. He was released, humanely down the street, in a park near an old utility shed. I honestly at that point didn't want to kill them, I just wanted them out and away.

By Sunday morning I had caught and released 4 others. but alas it seemed the remaining, what? few? (dear jebus I sure hope so!)were willing to take this up a notch. I could hear at least one attempting to gnaw through a wooden grill covering my hot water tank, but I counld not find him.

Well I awoke this morning to find that he not only broke trough, but he had at least one friend and they had opened two escape holes... Before heading to the office I did another deep clean, peppermint oiled, steel wooled and duck taped the new holes closed.

I have decided to this point not to poison the fuckers because well I have Santiago and I don't want to risk his well being... but at lunch today I did another run to Canadian Pneu and picked up some Rat Seed and I also got some Ultra Sonic Rodent repellers. (I've hear glowing as well as demoralizing reviews of these, but thought what could it hurt to try)

When I arrived home I did another check and found another damned access rout and took care of that and humanity be damned I filled it with seed then steel wolled and sealed that sucker shut. and then i set up the ultrasonic. There's a slight hum, but only if you are within a foot or so, and Santi doesn't even seem to notice them.

So we'll see how it goes. I will go easy on the seed but if they want to continue this war... I'll gladly drop a $20 in little mini mouse guillotines and off with their fucking heads!

DIE FuckingMouse!




and there goes santi's fanclub...
but as cute as they can be, you don't want those in your home...
that's why i stick to concrete. never had this issue. but i remember when i lived in a very old house, the only problem i had were spiders and i loathe those. and i showed no mercy. no "go on and prosper". just die, squish and flush the toilet. i posted recently a video about rats but i figure you wouldn't be in the mood for such humor...
good luck on your warfare!!!

Leonard said...

Here is my mouse story
not a good thing with rodents. ;) peace

オテモヤン said...


Mitzi said...

Those humane traps are a load of rubbish, you end up catching the same mouse over and over again. A rolled up newspaper will do the trick if you can't bare the thought of crushed mouse skulls then place a glass vase on the floor at an angle, bait it with a Belgian truffle and voila the mouse gets in but it can't get out. Then fill the vase with water and drown the fucker. Works a treat. (so I'm told)

Anonymous said...

oh no .. i wonder if they like mushrooms, an i wonder if the LAND-lord has'm too ?? (either one) They could be Laval's pets (KILL KILL KILL !!) If there are rodents .. the price will ... be better :-)
sorry to hear that S