Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quick Post #1. I gots me a Man.

I'm certain I've mentioned him, if only in passing, because lets face it, I've not been all that bloggy lately. Those of you on FaceBook will know more and been up to speed. For those of you on FB feel free to add me... (search me out by email:

Anyhoo... back to my man. I have to say things are still relatively new and fresh and silly honeymoonish, but well so what.

We learn from our past relationships and hopefully we grow from them, as well as with existing and new ones.

One thing I learned from my last relationship with D was that similar tastes and interests need deep and plenty. While a few similar interests are nice, if you have more unique interests than same walls are built, activities become solo, especially those of the social variety. I DIDN'T learn that from my first serious long term relationship, but I am well up to speed now.

Another is intellectual levels. I'm not talking IQ here. and I'm not saying I'm more intelligent that prior partners, nor were they more intelligent than me, I?, me. What I mean is that the two are equally matched intellectually. Matching senses of humour, morals and knowledge bases are not only desired, but know what i do now, are essential.

And something else, which for me is a first, is sharing a similar heritage.

In all three it can be said that some opposites are good for attracting, I have come to learn, in the long run that there is more than attraction; it only goes so far... and then what. And while it's great introducing that someone special to new experience, tastes, sounds, and so on, it's ever more delicious, to me at least to share all those favouite interests, loves, desires and commonalities.

While certainly not dating myself, I've can categorically say I've never been with someone as similar and matched as we are. And most importantly, Santiago likes him too...

For the record, his name is Marcel, but I call him Pinky. (Santiago calls him Senor Pinky, naturally)

He's a voracious reader, and also writes as well and has reopened that door, I had long since closed. He's a skilled foodie and coupled with a distinct Homebody-ness takes great pleasure in cooking lusciously delicious meals for me, as I do for him. He's a avid dog lover - we're now looking for a pooch of his very own (Santi and I have re-awaken that desire in him). Movie, TV and entertainment favouites abound. And our sense of humour is so in sync that we are consistently sharing the exact same snide remarks, entendres, and quips simultaneously.

There is of course much more but this was supposed to be a quick post, so we'll leave it at that.



hello pinky!!

is it a reference to?....


Misster Kitty said...

HEH! 'Pinky" because when we was chatting he sent me a pic all difused in Pinks, Purples and Mauves... It is, as you can see, purely innocent!


and what was in the picture??
not so sure it's all that innocent here...
the story sounds too cute. but i guess that's the one you'll stick to when you tell the tale to your grandkids of how you guys met...
very G-rated...

Leonard said...

I'm glad you are happy Kitty, that is what is most important! ;) peace