Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quick Post #3. Jealousy.

It's not often I am jealous of others, but there are exceptions and one is Alexandre Bilodeau; Canada's first Olympic Gold Medalist on home soil.

But it's not because of his Accomplishment tonight, albeit phenomenal and I praise him and say he is a true Canadian Hero. no, it's not for that, it's because he has an incredible brother.

A brother that he admires. And more so a shared brotherhood that I deeply wish I had. Alas, whereas Alexandre is blessed with a brother that inspires, and encourages him, I have a brother that embarrasses, enrages and inspires siblicide.

Oh well. Fortunately I have friends that are more brotherly than he could ever be. And for that I count blessings.




Newsguy Bob said...

Focus on the blessings. Leave the negative stuff to someone who loves grovelling in misery.

Leonard said...

Brothers are great, as you may or may not know (if you follow my blog) I am homeless and right now I am at my bro's in Oregon and just loving it. Siblings are your backbone and I feel bad for those who are not close to theirs. Alexandre Bilodeau is an Wonderful person! So glad he won!