Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quick Post #2. The Olympics!

OMG! I am such an Olympic Junky! And so is Pinky!

We've practically spent the entire weekend on sofa, eyes barely blinking for fear of missing a moment,

And this was an amazing weekend. Not only have we succeeded in already obtaining one of each medal, it was the that elusive Gold that was finally won. While not taking away ANY of the glory of the Silver and Bronze, this was an accomplishment most deliciously savoured.

Not only was this finally the end to a most truly Canadian curse (the ONLY host country never to have won a Gold on home turf) Third time's the charm, eh? But in that it was won by bumping a smug, arrogant little prick that forsook his Native Canada to compete for Australia, and condescended at any and every opportunity not only Canada but other countries as well. So to you Dale Begg-Smith I say SUCK IT!

And more importantly I say Congratulations to the first three, of MANY Medalists to come:

Katarina Groves; Speed Skating - Ladies' 3000 m

Jennifer Heil; Freestyle Skiing - Ladies' Moguls

Alexandre Bilodeau; Freestyle Skiing - Men's Moguls




i'm with you about the "australian"...

i really enjoy these olympics.
well, i love them all, but it's "home", you know, a bit more special, aren't they?!!


Newsguy Bob said...

Well said, Kitty.

Misster Kitty said...

Seems the "aussie" musta had a talking to from his Momma cause he was not so bad at the medals tonight and actually cracked a smile almost more sincere than Kaizer Harper.


but in th group pic, he stood a foot away as the two others actually stood one right next to the other.
i'd call him "sushi" as he's a cold person, but i like sushi too much for that. let him fly back to australia so we don't have to deal anymore with his ridiculous attitude. at least, he got to see how we treat our own, those that stick by us; not those that stab us in the back...


Leonard said...

LOL I said the the same thing to Dale Begg-Smith! You don't leave your country because you don't make the money you want to earn as an Olympian! I'm so glad he lost and a Canadian won! I tweeted it, yeah, I tweet now Kitty. So glad you're back. ;) peace