Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blue Peter

No, I’m not talking about the long-running BBC television program for children or the canadian new wave synthpop band from the early 80s, I am referring to, the unadulterated appearance of one of the ‘members’ of the cast of the movie the Watchmen.

We (me and the Man), along with our friend Peter (purely coincidental), went to see the Watchmen at the Imax today. Not having read the original graphic novel I cannot say how truthful to the story the movie was, but we enjoyed it... and for more than the massive blue glowing wang of Dr. Manhattan.

It was a bit long... the movie, and ‘Lower Manhattan’; but the effects were flawless... again, both wang and non-wang related. The story was interesting, if not comical in parts, taking place back in 1985 as President Nixon is STILL in power and the threat of nuclear annihilation by those dang Ruskies looms heavy on everyone; kinda like Dr Manhattan's, well you know... Throw in some less than sparkling clean super heros and you got yourself some 2.5 hours of chills, spills and thrills... did I mention Dr. Manhattan has a big blue glowing penis?!

It's funny, but me and the Man tend to only see movies with interestingly hot nude or nearly nude beefy men on the Imax screen... most fondly remembered was the 300. It’s a trend I look forward to continuing.

At any rate, I'd recommend this movie if you like: Action, Blood and Gore, Dark Alternative Reality flicks, or Soft Blue Porn (heh)

And just in case you think I’m exaggerating… here’s a pic from the movie… notice how the man on the right cowers in fear (and penis envy)

Great Big Blue Balls Batman!

It’s clear that the reason he got the name Dr. Manhattan was because his schlong is the size of the island!

Misster-Kitty gives the Watchmen 8 hairballs outta 10.

And while were at it, Misster-Kitty gives the Dr. Manhattan’s Penis 10 hairballs outta 10.


Hannah said...

LOL. I saw this movie too and hmm,I agree. It had a good plot and even better eye candy! ;)

Misster Kitty said...

Makes ya wanna become a groupie for the Blue Man Group, don't it!

Newsguy Bob said...

But but but...
Blue is usually associated with cold, which is associated with shrinkage.

Verification: sodstick