Friday, July 10, 2009

Karma be damned!

Kitty had a run in with an old lady on the bus this morning….

So, it’s Friday and Kitty need some happiness on my schlep to the office… I find that happiness in music, as many of us do. Today, it was Dead Or Alive Remixes… (I know, right! SOOOOO much fun!)

I will admit I tend to turn the volume up, but mostly because I do NOT want to hear other’s conversations on the bus, especially on a Friday when hearing about sweet old aunt Agnes’ hip surgery, or young Billy’s latest adventure in potty-training gone bad, will, very well tip me over the edge. Typically the volume is at 2/3’s And even still some times I can still hear them yammering on around me…

After the Metro ride I hopped on the bus, sat down, and began playing cards on the iTouch. A couple minutes later the Old Lady, henceforth to be known as “Crone”, walks up and taps me on the shoulder and signals me to take my earphones off. I do so and she begins to question me as to why I bother having earphones on since she can hear my music and doesn’t like it. I looked at her, blinked a couple of times (for effect) and replied, “Madame, just so you know the volume can still go much higher. And the reason I listen to music in the first place is so I don’t have to listen or talk to other people on the bus, so, If you’ll excuse me…” and I put the earphones back in.

Still standing over me, Crone taps me on the shoulder again. I take the earphones out, sigh and she again says “Would you turn down your music?” I replied, “Just as soon as you turn down your bunion cream and Yardley’s Lily of the Valley ‘perfume’ It’s making me gag. No? Oh well I guess the music stays.”

Crone knows I have her in checkmate and so she returns to her seat.

As I get up, just prior to my stop I turned up the volume to full as I am listening to “Cake and Eat It”, then pass her to get to the door.

As the bus speeds away I turn, look up, blow her the sweetest kiss, smile and wave goodbye.

Kitty: 3
Crone: 0


Maria said...

Oh, you don't know how many times these old bats have pissed me off... (did I say that out loud?).

Lucky for me I no longer take the bus ... problem solved.

BTW, was that pic taken today? If so, isn't she sweating? I know you love Christmas ... but for heaven's sake do you take the bus to the North Pole?

You go ... for all of us out there who do not have the guts to say something like that to dear old grandma.

If I ever said something like that to an old lady I would hear my mother's voice ringing in my ears for eternity!

Misster Kitty said...

no it was just a stock image from the weeb...

I hope I run across her again some day... I have a thrash metal version of Dancing Queen that I think she might like....

Mitzi said...

If she had tapped me on the shoulder I would have responded with a sharp "Get off the cloth moth!" I thought old people were suppose to be deaf anyway. I reckon she wants you, yes, she's always wanted you and blowing her a kiss and smiling has only added fuel to her already buring love she has for you. The randy old bitch wants a toyboy.

Misster Kitty said...

Given your recent Psychic accuracy Mitz, I am truly terrified... I pray you're a little off on this one.

Are you sure she's not the next to go tits up?