Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark Texas

(Sorry Bill)

Perfume puts 34 people hospital Texas health alert.
Ft. Worth, Texas, July 30:

Thirty-four employees of a bank call center were transported to hospitals Wednesday after a co-worker sprayed strong perfume inside the office, according to several media reports that are making rounds all over the Internet.

Initially, it was believed that a leak of carbon monoxide- a colorless, poisonous gas with no odor- was the cause of workers’ dizziness, but later it turned out that the actual culprit was a particularly strong brand of perfume Scores of workers at a Texas call centre became sick yesterday afternoon after they smelled mysterious fumes at the workplace. The strong scented perfume spread panic through the building, triggering fear among workers that they were under chemical attack or the victims of a carbon monoxide leak.

Initially, it was believed that a leak of carbon monoxide- a colorless, poisonous gas with no odor- was the cause of workers’ dizziness, but later it turned out that the actual culprit was a particularly strong brand of perfume.

How the panic triggered:
The incident occurred in a Bank of America complex, located in the 5400 block of North Beach Street, near Loop 820 in north Fort Worth after scores of employees started feeling sick and dizzy.

Lt. Kent Worley with the Fort Worth Fire Department said the situation started when two staff members started feeling sick and dizzy after a female co-worker sprayed perfume.

"Just two employees reported some dizziness in close association with someone spraying on some perfume," said Worley.

After some others suffered the same problems, they notified the supervisor about their illnesses after which an announcement was made, urging those who felt sick or dizzy to exit the building.

"When these employees reported their illness to a supervisor, an announcement was made over the building's PA system saying that anyone feeling these symptoms should exit the building to an outside location," he added.

Workers report symptoms:
According to Lara Kohl, a MedStar ambulance spokeswoman, 34 workers were taken to a hospitals, 12 by ambulance, after they reported dizziness and shortness of breath, while another 110 were treated at the scene. Some people reported the dizziness while some others complained of chest pains and head aches.

"We have multiple patients experiencing symptoms of shortness of breath and chest pain," said Kohl.

Lt Worley said that the situation had become complex because of "psychosomatic behaviour" and "contagious fear". He said several employees from other floors of the building also started coming out and "many continued working with no ill effect."

Initially it was feared that carbon monoxide or some other toxic substance had leaked into the building but after hazmat crews and the fire department workers inspected the entire area they did not find anything harmful.

"We called a (hazardous materials) unit to the scene but they didn't detect anything on their air monitoring unit," Worley said. "That air monitoring unit can detect carbon monoxide and several other chemicals and products that can be in the air.

"But they found nothing that would have caused people to get sick."

Firefighters declared the area safe at about 3 p.m. and allowed employees to re-enter the building. The investigators have assessed that the incident was caused by some perfume, however they have not yet determined which brand of perfume had sparked hysteria.

What's that I smell? *sniff sniff* Ah! that's the sweet sweet smell of Karma.



pity they didn't find the brandname. "hysteria" sounds good though...
but i wanna know the name!!
makes me think of those guys in the village that wear "angel" [abundantly] in the middle of best, it's a winter fragrance, used with subtlety, on the right skintype... those guys reek, making me nauseous, & i like perfumes!!!

Misster Kitty said...

I totally wanna know what it was too!

But 'Poison' is too obvious! lol


christian dior's is potent, but THAT potent?!?
though it does bring back bad memories...
a vague feeling in my throat...
i can't breathe!!

Newsguy Bob said...

Not so funny to someone who is allergic to many aromas.
One Christmas Eve many moons ago, my Dad and I were doing some last-minute shopping at a mall. We walked into a department store (why do they have their fragrance departments near the entrances so often?). I immediately started sneezing and having a difficult time catching my breath. As we walked out of the area, the symptoms disappeared as quickly as they began.
I have other similar stories, but nuff said for now.
As the motto goes in places were strong fragrances are banned, "No scents is good sense".

Misster Kitty said...

Silly BobbyKatz... it's ALWAYS funny as long as it's someone else....


i can answer bob's question. why near the entrance? because it's one of the most lucrative markets a department store can have. BIG $$$!
if that department doesn't work, the rest of the store fails...