Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kitty tested. Kitty approved.

It's not often I'll be blogging about house cleaning, or endorsing products without compensation (hint hint Mr. Unilever) but, I feel that there are times when you simply must buck the system... even your own. This is a prime example.

I am not fond of the whole household cleaning regime, but until Mr gets up to at least a VP position at the bank and I can become a Stepford Wife, the chores must be done. I get the bathroom... sink, toilet shower and floors... fun, I know. I have been over the past 6 months fighting a loosing battle against soap scum on the glass shower doors...

...that is until to day.

I've tried everything! Tile-X, Super fucking duper Tile-x (you know the one you need a hazmat suit to use). I used Scum-Off (cute name I though; completely worthless!) I've used any and every combination of OXY and CRL type product, Mr Clean, Pine-Sol, hell I even gave Easy-Off a try...

Well today I've fallen in love with a cleaning supply. And my hero's name is Vim.

Jesus! This shit WORKS!

...and the absolute, total, over-the-top selling point of his is I got it at the Dollar Store! That's right kittens... not only did it due the job; it DIDN'T do a job on my wallet (as so many of the previous so-called clears did)

So if ever you're at the end of your ropes and wonder if you'll ever be able to look through your shower doors at the love of your life all lathered up and wet... I say Grab the bottle of Vim and all your dreams will come true.

Kitty happy.


Mitzi said...

You've had me looking under the kitchen sink to see if I had any. I've got Ajax, Cif and Mr sheen but no Vim. OMG I'm such a slovenly slut. I bought some Shower Shine from the £-shop (Don't judge me) The directions said just spray it on no need to scrub or rinse off the It leaves the shower door looking lovely and streaky.

Misster Kitty said...

Lord I won't never judge the Dollar store or £-shop... cause I get more than my money's worth time and time again ... but tewll me does Shower Shine work?

Mitzi said...

No it leaves soapy streaks.

Leonard said...

VIM? hmm...I shop at the dollar store but have never seen it, then again I don' my own place to clean...but when I do I will be looking for it!! ;) peace
*giggle* your word verification is prostrap. :)