Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No More Hired Wangers!

So Judy God was just that: GOLD! A fabulous show. We were 4th row stage right on the isle... a PERFECTLY unobscured view of the stage.

She sang, she 'danced' ok, not so much, and she did her schtick.

What I loved is she referred back to her early stuff like the Kiss Curl and " It's the Judy Show!" which I so loved, and the totally took on the Mormons and Prop-Hate.

What disappointed me was this... and I'm talking from experience... the Queer shows bring out the cutest fags this city has to offer... even the audience for Lea Delaria years ago (I met her back stage, she's a total teddy bear!) was full on BEEF CAKE... a veritable Sausage Fest... tonight... was... more of a KugelFest. I think we were one of only a half dozen gay couples and by far the youngest and cutest. The rest were Jews from the old country, minimum age 97!

Anyway my favourite part was the picture she showed of her 8 year old son Ben holding a sign that said "My Two Moms can Totally Kick Your 14 Wives Butts" When they went to a Prop-8 protest in New York. That just totally rocked!

So yea, a fun time was had... Didier even got a couple of the jokes. ;-)

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