Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gag me with a spoon Violin

As part of Didier's birthday presents, I gave him three tickets to see Pagagnini. They are one of the Pre-Festival shows for this years Festival Juste Pour Rire.

Didier, Sacha (D’s Nephew visiting from France) and I went to the show tonight and had a blast. They are a somewhat modified Spanish(?) string quartet (3 violins and a cello). Their show is a combination of Classical Music Concert and Comedy. Very slapstick and very entertaining. It of course didn’t hurt that there was a totally Cutie McCute violinist in the group, and I once dated a violinist… heh

It’s funny as the show was drawing to a close I thought how odd that they didn’t do anything with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (a particular favourite of mine, thanks to Nigel Kennedy) so you can imagine my pleasure when, as their encore they did a raucous and totally over the top (there were somersaults while they were playing) rendition of the third movement of Vivaldi’s Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 8, RV 315, "L'estate" (Summer), Presto.

It might not be to everyone’s tastes (the elderly gentleman beside me, barely laughed and did just enough applauding to be borderline polite) but if you enjoy classical music and want to double you evening’s pleasure with a giggle or twenty, then if you are in Montréal go see em! (they are performing until the 19th) and if you’re not in Montréal go see ‘em if they ever come to your neck of the woods.

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it looks like fun but i'll pass. just not in the mood right now. but i saw ara in an interview on tv. quite a sexy dude!! don't tell me:
str8, married with a zillion kid...
as usual!!
such is my fate!!