Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No More Wire Hangers!?

We're off to the Queer The-a-tah tonight Kittens. *

This evening it's Miss Judy Gold in "Mommy Queerest" **

I hope she's serving up more than cake! ***

* But isn't ALL theatre queer?

** Special Thanks to my own personal Fairy Ticket Godmother! *Mwah!*

*** Award winning comedian Judy Gold hates one-person shows… that’s why she’s doing her second one, Judy Gold is Mommy Queerest! The star of the 2005 Just For Laughs hit G-d Doesn’t Pay Rent Here has a lot to say about being the mother of two boys and an out lesbian comic. There is no stone unturned: her mother, anti-depressants, nursing homes, parenting, gay marriage, and of course what she truly thinks about her kids (they are annoying, expensive, and they better pluck out her chin hairs when she’s in the Hebrew Home for the Aged). Gay or straight, black or white, Jew or non-denominational neurotic, Judy will make you laugh your ass off. And with the high rate of obesity these days, that’s a good thing. *PHEW* Well that's a relief!

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