Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Second Honeymoon

Well saints be praised, this season of Dancing with the Stars just might have a life after all.

Now I'm not saying that the women were perfect, but damned close.

Shannon Elizabeth, You didn't suck. In fact you were better than I'd have thought. You might actually go far in this ... and there wasn't even a pole in sight.

Monica Seles, oh dear. Monica, Monica, Monica. Tomboy is putting it mildly isn't it? But you tried, and that's got to count for something.

Marissa Jaret Winokur, to quote Mika... "Big Girls are Beautiful" I thought you were freaking amazing! and you very well may be 'My team'.

Priscilla Presley and her dead face aside, she was actually quite good. Far better than I or anyone at work thought she'd be, that's for certain. All I can say is lets hope that all the spinning and twirling doesn't cause the botox to settle in her feet.

Kristy Yamaguchi, you were the star of the night score wise and you got the technique but I think you'll go cold in a week or two... who knows.

Marlee Matlin rocked it! You would not have believed she was dancing in total silence. She was solid as a rock. For now I'm splitting my votes between her and Marissa.
What I think would be outstanding would be Marlee and her dance partner did a dance to no music, so that WE could all experience what she is. At the very least I will turn off the volume on the repeat performance next week, just to get an idea.

What the women have shown is that the men last night were not on game. In fact they were plainly lacking across the board. And if it were not that next week it will be a male and a female voted off, I'd say rather securely that it would have been two of the men.

Phew... I was so worried this season was gonna suck. Ladies... I thank you.


JB said...

I've been very fortunate to have met Ms. Yamaguchi. Lovely (and very petite) woman, and extremely talented skater, so I'm thinking her ability to dance on a frozen pond will continue to be to her benefit. I'm not watching - you'll have to watch for me - ;-) - but I'll be cheering for her. She's pretty cool. Completed her autograph for me with a little flower. She be a girly-girl.

Misster Kitty said...

Kristi WAS good, great in fact and getting 27/30, she received the highest marks of all the competitors for their first dance. She was pert, perky and sweet and gracious and lovely... She wont last.

Part of this show is that the viewers want to see someine come up, improve. They look for an under-dog. Unfortunatly Kristi is not that. I'm guessing she'll make it about 2/3 of the way through.

Newsguy Bob said...

Don't hate me, just because I don't watch DWTS. I'm basically a good person anyway.

But I want to make a point about Marlee Matlin (one of my favourite actresses, by the by). Sure, she can't hear the music, but I would bet that she's like my equally deaf cousin, Carolyn, to whom dancing is a favourite activity. Carolyn says she can feel the beat (from the floor or wherever), and also uses lights (if there are any) to guide her.
She's also the cousin who asked my brother to move his then-Lanny McDonald-like moustache, so she could "hear" him. It was interfering with her ability to lip-read.

Misster Kitty said...

They tried placing the speakers onto the studio floor when practicing but it didn't help.

Later she said...
"Im profoundly deaf. Profoundly.
...but I sleap great!"

It was sweet.

They worked out a system that when they are holding each other he communicates the beat, when they are apart she looks at him a bit (aside from mentally counting)

I have to say she was impressive in that she did an incredibly fast dance... without the obvious of hearing the music.