Thursday, March 27, 2008


Oh you read right...


I went to see a reading of the Vagina Monologues tonight, staring none other than our own N@ Lauzon (Who was FABU btw)

It was a Québec / Canadian Star studded event...

l-r: Marie-Josee Turcotte: Yea, I don't know who she is either, Eva Avila: Canadian Idol, Kim D'Eon: um, ET Canada... I think ...

Sophie Gregoire: wife of Justin Trudeau, and Québec reporter for E-Talk. (Unfortunatly we neither saw Justin or Sophies whacky Mother-in-law Maggie.)

Tara Spencer-Nairn: Constable Karen Kelly on Corner Gas. A great comedic actress, originally from Montréal. (You HAVE to rent NEW WATERFORD GIRL. The movie is a freaking riot and she stars prominently in it... )

Patsy Gallant: Chanteuse. Singing La Vie En Rose here... (Get it?! Vaginas are pink. Subtle no?)

Kim D'Eon: again... UM.... ET Canada... Not sure but I wanna find out, cause she was DAMN GOOD! She of the Angry Motherfuckin' Pussy.

Ginette Reno: Actriss, Singer... Etoile Québecoise

...and last but certainly not least... N@ Lauzon, or as I'll refer to her henceforth... The Vadge.

One last shot... The Pussy Possé...

It was a charity event to raise money to fight against abuse to women. Held at Gallery MX. There was also a vernisage of an artist "Niko" I'm afraid to say the art did not do much for me, but at any rate I was there for the V-M... and N@!

I saw part of it once, years ago on PBS. The author had done it as a one woman show... And either my memory is slipping or I used to be a prude; 'cause I was expecting a lot more foulness and naughty words... but aside from a few angry pussy' and 'motherfucking angry' lines it was rather tame... Funny though. Very funny!

Had a great time there with Ma Horton, Corn and Twiggy... (Maria... where waz you gurl?!)

A few amusing moments...

- Corn commented at one point that he couldn't help but feel a little anger directed toward him (as a male) ... but that completely bypassed me. Fortunately, I have diplomatic immunity from such female to male aggression.

- Through-out the night I just could NOT get the Oscar Mayer Wiener song outta my head... only with a minor adjustment... "My Vagina has a first name..."

and... my favourite...

The quote of the evening...

"Vaginas. Man they're deep."

Who said that?

Why, Misster-Kitty of course!


... all in all, a fun, enjoyable evening!


Maria said...

awwwwwwwww and you noticed I was MIA?

Sorry guys since I have been back from The Sunshine State I have been swamped with work. Plus, yesterday I had to go see our Real Estate Attorney to go over the contract we received from The US BANK. There is so much crap to go over and I am still not done.

I am really sad to have missed the V show I would have loved to have finally met Kitty and would have loved to hear KITTY say VAGINA! heh!

I am sure N@ did a fab job... along with all the other ladies!

Misster Kitty said...

Vadge kicked it, old skool. One of the first out of the Monolouge Door. She read the Vagina Interview of a 'mature' woman who sealed her 'cellar' shut years ago. VERY funny.

It was a great evening.

Of COURSE I noticed you weren't there... there was no souvlaki. HAH! Too bad you had to miss it...

But you are working on something for the greater good... a love nest in Florida! ;-)

Ma Horton said...

I think that they were definitely some "beautiful people "women there last night that could be classified as "Grand Canyons " that too catty , Kitty ?

Maria said...

I never really thought of it as a "love nest" but hey whatever works.

I am now looking at ordering furniture, buying linens, towels, kitchen stuff etc for the townhome. So much to do, so little time. Argh!


turcotte is a sport newscaster for radio-canada, the french cbc...