Monday, May 19, 2008

Dancing with the... ahhh who cares?!?

Seriously, I don't care who wins tomorrow night, as long as it's not Kristi, and here's why:

a) There was no challenge for her in this competition, she was a professional Ice Skater! Which, really, is dancing to begin with, so UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

b) Sure she is technically spot on, don'tcha think you'd have been a little shocked if she wasn't?! But c'mon, you can have a great technical dance in ice skating and the artistic elements suck ass, and in ice skating you basically your scores would suck, whereas on DwtS, they love it even more... well TweedleDumb and TweedleDumber (aka skank judges #1 and #2) do anyhoo...

c) I want to see progression, improvement, and most importantly... Entertainment. I saw none with Kristi. Yes, it was amazing to see her near perfect scores out of the starting block, but where do you go from there. A great part of this show, for me at least, (and maybe I'm the only one) is that you want to see someone with little to no talent in the ballroom come out at the end dancing dances that make you say, 'WOW! I could never do that'. You want your socks blown off. You want to be impressed with where the celeb came from to where they are.

d) Like the ice she's best know for skating on, her dances were often cold, devoid of any emotion. Hell, even Priscilla showed more emotion in her face and she's only got the one...

e) The judges couldn't see a good dance tonight if their lives depended on it... Granted I think Jason and Christian both fumbled in the opening and truly Kristi won that round, but in the free style she sucked more ass than an airplane toilet with an air pressure leak... I won't say it was Jason's best dance, but there was a consistency and a fluidity that was greatly lacking with Kristi... the set up into each of her lifts were awkward and took away so much. And even more shocked was I when I actually liked Christian's free style and thought he deserved higher scores. Kristi's scores!

- - - - -

Well it's clear that Kristi will win tomorrow night, and all I can say is what-BLEEPING-ever.

- - - - -

Pray to the gods that next season is better than this one turned out to be. And to "libhom', I second your motion for Porn Stars Celebs and raise it to only Male Porn Stars (although based on your Blog profile's occupation of "Butt Pirate" I'm going to assume that "MALE" Porn Star was assumed... Heck I'll even allow Ron Jeremy as a wild card token hetro...


Maria said...

I would comment of this but I don't watch Dwts.

Plus, from your comments who needs the freakin' aggrevation?

Misster Kitty said...

well I guess I do, cause I watched the two hour craptaculaire last night! lol