Sunday, May 11, 2008

Farwell my friend

We had the funeral service today for my Grandmother. I'm sad. heartretchingly sad, but at the same time I know where she is...

In Body, forever in some of the most dramatic and beautiful land ever created... just a few minutes drive from Peggy's Cove. She's back to the land [and sea] where she was born; in East Dover. With her parents and their parents, with her Husband, and Brothers and more family.

In Mind, at complete peace.

In Spirit, in my heart and my mind until my last day.

- - - - -

This was another of the pics we took back on October 19th 2007

I'm gonna miss the old bird. Aside from losing a Grandmother, I've lost a dear dear friend.

Saved in the Arms.
by the Rankin Family

They carried my old friend to the church yard,
My eyes cast slowly to the ground.
The preacher read her her last words,
Then they lowered her body down.

Saved in the arms of my loved one,
Saved on her gentle breast.
Saved in the arms of my loved one,
I lay my weary head down to rest.

The church bell tolled for the rich man,
The church bell tolled for the poor.
I shed a final tear for my old friend,
For never will I see her no more.

Saved in the arms of my loved one,
Saved on her gentle breast.
Saved in the arms of my loved one,
I lay my weary head down to rest.

- - - - -

Love ya Nan.


Maria said...

God Bless your nana Kitty...

Newsguy Bob said...

I know how precious this photo and the one of you, Nana and Didier will be to you now, more than ever.

Back in August 2001, my siblings, their spouses and I got together with our kids (including Little Bro Dan) and our parents, for a family portrait session. It was a 50th anniversary gift for my Mom and Dad. Although the anniversary was in December of that year, we got the photos done in August when we could all travel to Iroquois Falls (my sister and her brood from Ottawa, me from Pickering at that time, my brother lives in Iroquois Falls). We figured it would be the last time we could get all five kids in the same place at the same time, what with them growing up and going off to school and their own lives, etc.

Little did we know that eight months less a day later, we would lose my Mom. She had been ill over the winter, but was on the rebound. Sitting watching Jeopardy! and sharing a joke with my dad that Friday night, she just let out a weird gasp, and slumped over dead. My Dad said he knew, in the time it took him to move the three feet from his chair to hers, that she was gone.

Those photos instantly took on significance beyond imagination to the entire family.

I know the pics you took with Nana last fall now have the same extra significance to you.

Take care and have a safe trip back to Montreal, Shawn. As difficult as it will be to leave Halifax tomorrow, you'll know your Nana is watching over you, and wants you to get on with your life.


N@ Lauzon said...

Much love to you and your family, Kitty. It's so hard - but you are right..she is at peace. Been thinking about you this weekend. Safe home. xox

JB said...

You're a good man.
Travel safely.

Ma Horton said...

Welcome home bud . Been a tough weekend for you both I am sure... but you are a tough guy and Nana is looking down so proud of the both of you .
Love ,
Ma xoxo

Mitzi said...

I'm sorry to hear of your sad loss, I lost my nanna when I was 15after a long battle with cancer, and the relief on her face when she died told me she'd gone to a much better place, it was like she had seen paradise. Anyway, chin up high and keep your powder dry as my old Nan use to say.


Misster Kitty said...

Mitz... a fifteen year battle with cancer?! Damn! She was quite a pistol! I can only imagine though, her relief.

Keeping my powder dry here, hope you're doing the same!

(And thanks for stopping by!) :-)