Friday, May 2, 2008

MY Lost Island.

Do you watch LOST?

Are you feeling MORE LOST that the people on the Island? I know I am.

I love the show, even with the remaining shorter seasons, and this season's delay and then strike imposed hiatus and then even shorted number of episodes... I guess it's just expecting too bloody much that they'd start clearing up a few things rather than convolute things more....

And WHYYYYYYYYYY don't people shoot the asstards when they have a chance? It seems they are so fickle when it comes to shooting someone and then... not so much. Case in point: When Martin Keamy has a gun to Alex' head (Ben's not-daughter) and threatens to kill her, either Sawyer or Locke could have easily picked him off... and yet they do nothing and allow Ben to do even less than nothing and see Alex shot-dead. Cut to a flash-forward scene a few minutes later and Sayid assassinates some guy he doesn't even know, based only on a comment Ben makes that the guy was actually only NEAR where Sayid's wife was killed. (we have no idea if the guy actually had anythign to do with it... only that Ben, wants the guy dead... which really means very little)

WHY are they only trigger happy when it makes things MORE complicated, rather then seriously thinning the herd when the targets are complete pricks, bastards and psychos ?!?!?!?

Honestly, I really wish this story and islandwere real and I were there. I think at this point there would likely only be myself and maybe a handful of other people left alive on the island:

-Rose (She always has the best lines and best 'tude looks)
-Bernard (a bit of a dweeb, but hey, Rose sees something in him right?)
-Danielle (I love me some crazy French!) ;-)
-Alex (2nd generation crazy French)
-Carl (2nd gen crazy French needs a hobby)
-Sun (DUDE! She's preggers... and she has a good sense of what's evil and not)
-Jin (Who else is gonna talk all Korean to Sun... besides he's kinda hot)
-Claire (Arron's mommy)
-Arron (Claire's baby)
-Charlie (1- he's a musician and we all need to be entertained, 2- he's sorta Arron's adopted Daddy and 3-hot)
-Hugo (c'mon... it's Hugo! ...and worse comes to worse and we have to resort to cannibalism... he's at least a good solid month of meat and if not and if we get off the island, he's a mega millionaire! okay, okay, and the guy is just nice)
-Libby (She's Hugo's lady... and again, I like me some crazy)
-Sayid (hot)
-Desmond (hot and Scottish accent. .. that's soo sexy)
-Sawyer (yup... hot. OK, I know, it's a sad trend... but HEY! it's a 'deserted' island)
-Vincent the dog (wuf wuf)

Pretty much everyone else... gone. Either because they were particularly evil, particularly stupid, or particularly annoying... or all of the above.

Plain to see....MY Lost Island would be a lot more happy.


Maria said...

I have NEVER watched an entire episode of LOST. I think once I watched several minutes of 1 episode.

I was gonna say "are you just keeping people on the island cause they are HOT" but then you said it...

Is this show not over yet?? Its starting to sound like Gilligan's Island where they are almost saved and then something happens and they are stuck there for just a little while longer.

Give me an episode of Two and a Half Men anyday!! Its 30 minutes and at the end you know what heppens. I like simplicity. Not to mention stupid comedy...

Newsguy Bob said...

Eating Hugo/Hurley? You're as crazy as he is! Sure, you could use all the fat to fry coconuts, but the cholesterol would kill you in three days.
And how come everyone's hot but him? Is it because he's Puerto Rican?

Misster Kitty said...

Oh maria... someone needs to have a talk with you and your TV watching habits...

Misster Kitty said...

NGB... what?! everyone likes a little fast food now and again.... McDo... KFC... Taco Bell...

Hugo is not MY type of 'Hot'... neither are Carl or Bernard. not ALL my male choices were all so tantilizingly selected... I'm not THAT shallow. :-)

XUP said...

I got lost in this show about the middle of the 3rd episode & I watched all of Twin Peaks back in the day. Anyway who keeps watching until the end should get some sort of prize, I think -- a non-cannibalistic type prize.

Misster Kitty said...

If it's me, I want the Island!

JB said...

I really don't find it all that hard to follow.
The one thing that's been creeping in this year that really bugs me, though, is the 'soap opera' type writing - where the camera stays on the actor's face just a little longer, assuming this makes the moment more dramatic for us.
The writers would never admit this, but I think they're now stretching their material as thin as they can to make it cover a few more seasons than are necessary.
However, I liked (most of) last night's epi, because I think Jack's character became a lot more interesting. Now we know that Jack had a fling with Kate after their 'return', but he proved too jealous of her relationship with Sawyer to handle staying with it.
So - at the end of last season - where we see Jack and Kate meet, with Jack suggesting to Kate that they should 'go back'...That still appears to be something that happened after what we saw last night.
Also, put yourself in Sayid's place for a moment. Say something horrible, God forbid, happened to Didier, and you're at a loss to figure out who's responsible. If someone offers you seemingly solid information on what happened, would you wait to act on soemthing that mattered so much to you, or would you act as soon as possible to take revenge?

Misster Kitty said...

The material is getting twisted, streched and strewn about a bit much.

yea, I'm sure I'd be apeshit insane if I were in Sayid's place but then given what we all know about Ben, I just couldn't have gone there, that quick... and at any rate, on MY Island Ben is long dead... :-)

I think it's going to be a challenge to see this show through to the very end at the rat things are going...