Friday, May 23, 2008

sucky --- no-sucky

So some days can suck and some don't, some are a bit of both. Case in point: today.

No-Sucky #1
I am not working today (at least not the regular 9-5er)

Sucky #1
Even though I was off today (see No-Sucky #1) I still had to get up at a decent hour (8:00am) because of...

Sucky #2
I had to go to the Montréal General for blood work, for my annual.

No-Sucky #2
As I was leaving this morning to head to the Hospital for (Sucky #2) I thought I'd better take my mini portable radio so I should listen to the Mix (which I heart) in case they mention my name for the Mix-96 PAYDAY contest. I was no sooner out the front door, walking up the street to get on the Metro when they announced my name! I turned and ran back the building, ran up the four flights of stairs, rushed in and called right away (You've only got 9 minutes to call) and voilà! just like that I was $96.00 richer. ... I was also outta breath, and just a skotch light headed! lol

Sucky #3
I missed the bus when I got out of Guy-Concordia Metro, so I had to schlep up the hill to the General. Yea, sure. Go laugh, keep in mind I've also not had any breakfast because of the 14 hour fast for the blood work

Sucky #4
I had to walk up 6 double flights of stairs cause the elevators at the General move slower than

No-Sucky #3
Due to No-Sucky #2 (and likely Suckies #3 and 4) I was late getting to the Test Centre at the Montréal General, but that was GOOD 'cause instead of getting there early (along with everybody else) there was only ONE person waiting before me. I was literally in and out of there in 10 minutes! A record I assure you! - I was once there 4 hours!

Sucky #5
As I said I'm not working my 9-5er today, but as soon as this post is done I'm dismantling the bedroom to paint it... OK I actually LOVE painting, but I'd rather be out on the rooftop deck right now planting the flower boxes, I guess that's gotta wait til tomorrow...

- - - - -

So while the Suckies out-number the No-Suckies, when you look at what the No-Suckies are, they win, hands down!

Hope your day is a No-Sucky.


Maria said...

I don't even know what to say. All I can remember from that post is Sucky and no-sicky. Plus, that your not working... sheeesh!

So congrats on your win!!

Maria said...

oppps...That should be ***no-sucky***

Mitzi said...

I had an excited day yesterday, I went into town and bought an oven glove, then came back home.

libhom said...

You are lucky those are Canadian dollars, not US dollars, LOL.


as much as thursday sucked BIG TIME for me, friday was great. i saw indiana jones with a friend, & then we have a fine time at cafe europeen, despite the wind, the rain,'ve gained $96, i've spent overall more than $96. i guess that's how the universe keeps things in balance: some giveth, some taketh.

Misster Kitty said...

Mitzi... is it in Leopard Print? I used to have Leopard Print Oven Mits, but my old roommate used em, got tomato sauce all over em and it never came out.. so I killed him. (it's your basic: No-Sucky >>> Sucky >>> No-Sucky)

Libhom... I'd far rather it had been Euros, what with me and the Man's impending trip to France.

TB... Say, you wouldn't mind spending, oh, say about $2000.00 by June 12th would ya? Kay. Thanks. (and how was Indi?)


when i said thrusday sucked for me, what i meant is i found out i'd been frauded on my credit card over the internet, so, there goes your budget...too bad!!
& indie was just delicious:

i really loved it!!

Leonard said...

LOL! please tell me by "radio" you meant mp3?? I have a clock radio but uh...who does the whole radio thing anymore?? Sorry your day was so upsetting, but you handled it! ;) peace

Misster Kitty said...

"Radio" depends where I am.. IN this particular case, it was a portable radio (about the size of a lipstick... after all I got it from AVON! lol) I also have a small portable radio in the bathroom that I use there and on the roof. Its an emergency radio that can be charged by winding... then I often listen to the radio on our Cable TV, or the tuner on the home theatre system, and sometimes the 'puter.

I have an iPod and use it every day, to and from work and at the gym, but I love the radio...