Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Exit, stage left - History repeating itself

November 15th 2006 MARIO Lopez and KARINA SMIRNOFF are eliminated.

May 6th 2008 MARIO and KARINA SMIRNOFF are eliminated.

You'd think that any superstitious person woulda seen this one comming a mile away...

As way of public service to Karina, here's a suggested list of Clebrities, Althletes, Polititians etc she way wish to avoid in the coming season[s] of Dancing with the Stars:

-Mario, Nintendo mascot
-Mario, American R&B singer
-Mario Aerts, professional cyclist from Belgium
-Mario Ančić, men's professional tennis player from Croatia
-Mario Andretti, American race car driver
-Mario Batali, American chef
-Mario Been, Dutch football (soccer) player and manager
-Mario Benedetti, Uruguayan journalist, novelist, and poet
-Mario Berlinguer, lawyer
-Mario Bezzi, Italian entomologist
-Mario Botta, architect
-Mario Capecchi, Italian-American scientist
-Mario Caserini, Italian film director
-Mario Cipollini, professional road cyclist from Italy
-Mario Condello, australian gangster
-Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York
-Mario del Monaco, Italian tenor
-Mario Dumont, Québec politician
-Mario Elie, retired basketball player
-Mario Frangoulis, Greek tenor
-Mario Gentile, former municipal politician in Toronto
-Mario González, Mexican boxer
-Mario Jean, a stand-up comedian and film and television actor from Quebec, Canada
-Mario Kummer, East German track and road cyclist and manager
-Mario Lanza, Italian American opera tenor and Hollywood movie star in the 1950s
-Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., better-known as Perez Hilton, celebrity gossip blogger (no, wait... this would actually BE a good choice!)
-Mario Lemieux, Québec retired professional ice hockey player
-Mario Lopez, actor and television host
-Mario Matthias, drummer for the German indie rock band blackmail
-Mario Maurer, Thai actor and model
-Mario Melchiot, Former Chelsea and Birmingham, Dutch international football (soccer) player
-Mario Mendoza, former Major League Baseball infielder
-Mario Mijatovic, Croatian football (soccer) player
-Mario Monicelli, Italian director and screenwriter
-Mario Monti, businessman
-Mario Monticelli, Italian chess player
-Mario Napolitano, Italian chess player
-Mario Piu, Italian DJ
-Mario Puzo, author
-Mário Sabino, Brazilian judoka
-Mario Salieri, Italian porn director
-Mario Sammarco, Italian operatic baritone
-Mario Sandoval, singer-songwriter member of the Mexican Pop duo Lu
-Mario Savio, American political activist
-Mario Scaramella, Italian lawyer
-Mario Soldati, Italian film director
-Mario Sorrenti, Italian American photographer
-Mario Sperry, heavyweight martial artist from Brazil
-Mario Stanić, former Croatian soccer player
-Mario Testino, Italian Peruvian photographer
-Mario Tremblay, Québec professional ice hockey player and coach
-Mario Vazquez, former American Idol 4 contestant and singer
-Mario Williams, American football player
-Mario Winans, R&B singer
-Mario Zagallo, Brazilian football player and coach

Did I miss anyone?


Maria said...

yeah... you missed...

Mario (you have wayyyyyyyyy too much time on your hands)

do you know him?

Misster Kitty said...

Mario who?

Ma Horton said...

East Side Mario(s) .. I fell aleep .

Misster Kitty said...

Hey! Bah-da-bing-bah-dah-boom!