Monday, September 24, 2007

the Hootch Factor.

Was it just me or was the Hootchie reading a little high on Dancing With the Stars? Really, was there not just a little too mutch hootch for the first night And really who wants to see Marie Osmond attempting anything remotely sexual. Sure we know she and her siblings all breed like rabbits (presumably with their own partners and not together... although the jury is still out on Donny and her... heh), but do any of us see any sexuality in an Osmond?

And please, gurls, you think that you can get me on your side, you can get my vote just because you're all in Leopard Print and or are a so called "Cheetah Girl"... well ok, you can. Honestly though, it was a tough call as to who got my 6 votes tonight. So in fairness, as I could not quite decide who should get them all, I divided them between:

- Jennie Garth (I think the judges should have given her at least 8's, but with any competition, Dancing with the Stars or otherwise, the first out of the gates are always marked lower that they should have received...)

- Sabrina Bryan (I have no freakin clue, WHO the hell you are, but you're very 'kitten with a whip' and I loved the subtle cheetah/leopard print Grrrr! Lose the hip-hop though, cause really, that's just so damn street.)


- Melanie Brown (Sure you've got the trashy tabloid Eddie Murphy Love Child, Sure you're a Spice Girl, but mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Momma! that dress! ... can I have it now that you're through with it? and you can dance too...)

All three were in my opinion the top three, it's just too soon to say who will be my favs.... but with Maksim dancing with Mel, I think that is where my loyalties will lay... at least with the female contestant teams.

And that's not to say that Marie Osmond and Jane Seymore were not good, they were both far better than I thought they's be... but how long will they last? Only the male dancers tomorrow night will tell us that!

As for Josie Marar, honey, yes the judges were a skotch too hard on you tonight, but jeeze-louise there's not a dancing bone in the stick figure of a body of yours, is there?

All and all a good start I guess, but just a little too much hootch and not enough cootch... y'all can do better... well, except for stick gurl.

PS. All the guys this year look like grade "A" doofi (I fear tomorrow night will be a snooze fest)


Ma Horton said...

I am gonna stick with plain Jane because she is around my age frame and still looks hot .

Misster Kitty said...

I have to admit she DOES look great for her age. It's curious though that she wore SUCH a dress that did not show off ANY leg what so ever. I mean there's no need to yank the hem up to the crotchial regions but 'round the knee at least ot with a bit of a slit up one side. I wonder if that was on purpose... to hide some of her movements...

There's a happy-medium to found, somewhere between Hootchie-Momma and Mother-Theresa...

Ma Horton said...

I may be in between the two myself ..perhaps with a bit more hootch .

Misster Kitty said...

So we should call you "Ma Hootchie" instead of "Ma Horton"?

Ma Horton said...

How about Hoochie Ma Horton?