Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Greetings Blog-type peeps!

Misster-Kitty has returned...

He's not happy that he's returned.

He'd much rather still be on the Island, walking the beach, or sipping on a Frosty Schooner Beer, or eating Lobster for the umpteenth time...

But all good things must come to an end... and on that theme, here was how it looked at the end of our first day on the Island... (Aug 29th)

Now that is some Island Magic...
(As long as the sky is not completely full of clouds you have this sort of dreamy sunset every night at my family's summer home. If you can aim a camera you'll have a great sunset picture. Guaranteed. )

And speaking of 'things at an end' I've closed the last post 'Kitty Out' I've not even read it yet, but y'all are cra-zay-zee! (can't wait to read all TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO posts! Blog much people? heh)

Much to blog about, pics to post (we took some 1500+ pics!!!), but that will have to wait til tomorrow...

..oh yea, speaking of 'tomorrow, when we arrived home and we checked the answering machine, there was a message from my boss telling me I have tomorrow off... to that I say, 'Suck it, Maria!' ... heh (you know I loves ya!). This also reminds me I should go to the Proctologist and have the horse-shoe removed from my ass!



welcome back kitty!!!
i know i've contributed to the mess below (!!!)but since i had the time...
didn't keep me from blogging on my 3 blogs, since your departure, i've issued 42 posts involving pics, videos, comments & creations of my own...
i seem more talkative here than in real life... :D~
i envy you your sunsets & lobsters. glad you were able to enjoy those to your heart's content. bask in those moments a while longer, since you have an extra day off... :)~
hope to hear from you soon.
i don't expect you to post 1500 pics, but a sampling of the best moments will be welcome!!

Ma Horton said...

Welcome home guys . We blame NGB for the mess below . I have never been east so I am looking forward to your pictures and I wanna know all about the fresh lobster .

Maria said...

Yeah, it was Booby he made us do it.

Glad your back safe & sound. Hope you had a wonderful vacation. As for the day off... I have no freakin' comment! As for "SUCK IT, Maria" what does "it" refer to exactly? I need to know before I do any sort of sucking.

Newsguy Bob said...

Ma and Maria are such tattle-tale GIRLS. "Bobby did it, Bobby did it."
Yeah, I'm responsible for the kazillion postings, which is no big secret. I couldn't exactly remain anonymous in suggesting we hit the 100 mark. I'm damned proud that we hit the mark we did. Special mention to Milky and Ticklebear. You guys ROCK!

Welcome back, Kitty. Glad you had a good time. Don't get mad at me, get even.

I hope your Dad's doing okay.


if i can assuage some guilt from NGB,
i did my share here, yes!!
mea culpa,
mea culpa,
mea maxima culpa!!!

Newsguy Bob said...

Whatsamattah, kitty? Your latest post don't allow no comments. Fraidy cat/fraidy kitty, scared we're gonna blogclog it again?

Actually, thanks for not being pissed about the 222 comments. I really thought you might cyberbitchslap me for it.

Maria said...

yeah whats with that?... I don't think he trusts us anymore. I just want to know what his initial reaction when he opened up his inbox and saw over 200 e-mails!!