Monday, July 2, 2007

Centennial Post

In honour of my 100th Blog Post I thought I'd post my Life List. So here's my list of 100 things I'd like to do, so, be and so on... (those completed in BOLD)

001. Stonehenge
002. Ireland (yup the whole island)
003. London
004. Paris
005. Nantes
006. Barcelona
007. Amsterdam
008. Cologne
010. Vienna
011. Uluru (Ayers rock)
012. San Francisco
013. New York
014. Las Vegas (too much fun. April 2001)
015. Grand Canyon
016. Hollywood (HOOray for Hollywood. April 2001)
017. Egypt (Pyramids)
018. Mykonos
019. The Rockies (Canadian)
020. Hawaii

021. Bungee jump
022. Hang glide
023. swim with dolphins
024. Ride an Elephant
025. Ride a Camel
026. Downhill ski
027. Spend a night/weekend in an Ice Hotel
028. Dog Sled (Feb 2007. Want to do this again!)
029. Learn to dance: Salsa, Tango etc
030. Write a book
031. Throw pottery on a wheel (1996-98) Would like to do more
032. Paint
033. Sculpt in stone
034. Ride a horse (in saddle first time in 1976, bare back in 1977)
035. Compete on Jeopardy
036. Act on stage (Halifax Drama Festival 1987 count)
037. Act on TV
038. Water Ski
039. Scuba Dive
040. Ride a roller coaster (First time 1994 La Ronde)

041. Cyndi Lauper
042. Bette Midler
043. Sinead O'Connor
044. ABBA (ok well that ain't gonna happen but I did see Bjorn Again)
045. Michael Buble
046. Lorrena McKennett
047. Enya
048. Cranberries
049. Cher (It could still happen she's already done 3 Farwell tours)
050. Scissor Sisters

For others/the planet:
051. Volunteer for an Aids charity
052. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
053. Donate annually clothes to good will (so far so good, since 2000)
054. recycle (work in progress)
055. Plant a tree(s)
056. Donate annually to at least one charity
057. purchase eco-friendly

058. donate blood (Illegal for me to do so in Canada. I'm gay)
059. donate organs
060. be buried with out embalming fluids

For me:
061. Learn more about World religions
062. Eat better (on going)
063. Learn more about my country, Canada
064. Take a photography class
065. Learn to play the Irish Flute
066. Be more patient
067. Listen more, talk less
068. Be less judgmental
069. Talk more with my family
070. Watch less TV

071. See baby pigeons (June 2007, thanks N@!)
072. be part of a studio audience on Oprah (preferably during a 'favourite things' taping)
073. Be part of a jury
074. Protest
075. break the law (done. Won't say what, won't say where, won't say when)
076. Try Sushi (was squeamish for years. Love it now!)
077. Travel out of body (Nov 1987)
078. Levitate
079. Polar Swim
080. Pierce nipples (pierced in 2002 removed in 2004)
081. Get a tattoo
082. Shave head
083. Dress head to foot in Leopard print (Halloween 2005)
084. Dress in drag (Nov 1995)
085. Attend a Pagan festival (or two) (1995,6,7)
086. See a ghost ( Countless, including events with others, as well as lived with one that used to play with my cat)

087. see a UFO
088. Fire a gun (target practice)
089. Talk with Shirley MacLaine
090. See/touch a dead body (1987 Worked in the Anatomy Dept Dalhousie Univ)

091. Get Gym membership and USE it, at least 3 days a week (Good since March 2007)
092. Get down to 185 lbs
093. Read a book a month (on-going)

094. Get married
095. Get a dog
096. Meet the Dalai Llama (June 1993)
097. Win the lotto (more than $1000)
098. Get a University degree
099. Be involved with a movie (behind the camera)
100. Die happy, at a ripe old age... something in my 90's


Newsguy Bob said...

Very interesting list. I feel like I know you better now.

Here's what I've done, that you haven't.
23. Swam with dolphins in Cuba, April 06. Have a photo of three of them kissing me. Worth the 15 pesos.
26. Downhill ski. Don't ask. Athletic I am not.
44. ABBA. Well, does seeing Mamma Mia in Toronto in 2001 count?
52. Soup kitchen. Thanksgiving, 2004, before I lived in Ottawa, I was visiting here, and ended up helping serve Thanksgiving dinner at the Union Mission.
58. Donated blood 49 times. Haven't made it to milestone #50 because of meds I now must take. (Can you as a gay man not give blood legally, even if you're HIV-negative, and pass the questionnaire, as stringent as it is? Seems like discrimination.)
79. Polar swim once at a winter carnival into an above-ground swimming pool with big ice chunks in it. Plus several incidents of skinny-dipping and making naked angels in the snow, coming out of a friend's sauna.
81. Tattoo. Does the "Go Sens Go" henna tattoo I got during the playoffs count?
88. Fired a gun. A .22 hunting rifle. I am not a hunter, don't see the thrill behind it.
95. Owned a few dogs when I was a kid. My favourite was named Mac. Some day, I'll post on my blog about Mac. I wish I had a photo of him.

One more question: When you met the Dalai Lama, what'd you say? -- "Hello, Dalai"? And was it the same time you were in drag, perhaps as Carol Channing? ("Hello, Dalai." Har-har-har. Old and corny, but a classic. My sides are hurting!!)

Misster Kitty said...

"44. ABBA. Well, does seeing Mamma Mia in Toronto in 2001 count?"
--- If I'm counting Bjorn Again, you can count Mamma Mia!

"81. Tattoo. Does the "Go Sens Go" henna tattoo I got during the playoffs count?"
--- Hmmm I dunno I've had a few henna tats myself but don't count that myself as I want a permanent one, but if you DON'T want a permanent one then you can count yours!

"95. Owned a few dogs when I was a kid. My favourite was named Mac. Some day, I'll post on my blog about Mac. I wish I had a photo of him."
--- Oh, I've had dogs, two, Kacey and Lady, but I want one still, so counting this one as un-done...

"Hello, Dalai"
--- Bah-doom boom! Actually I was working in a bookstore here in Montréal, and just like that he strolled in. (more like drifted in, hovering) The man is truly otherworldly, There's no other word to describe him. Whether you believe in who and what he is, when you're in his presence, you really feel you are in the presence of the divine. All I could say was 'It's an extreme pleasure to meet you." Gentle, calm, divine.

Maria said...

Being Greek and all I am assuming
#018 Mykanos is really Mykonos... I been there and its the island of the Windmills.

I want to be on Oprah also during a favorite things taping.

More later I gotts to get to work now!

Misster Kitty said...

forgot to comment... regarding blood donoation. yea one of the questions ask if you have engaged in any sexual acts (of a homosexual nature) from a specific date forward. It does not ask if you engaged in safe sex, if you know you own HIV status etc.

I have to admit it frustrates me to know that I WANT to give blood, know my blood is safe, but can't. Every time I see an ad on TV or newspaper, or in the metro, or hear one on the radio etc I get very angry.

Misster Kitty said...

I am assuming #018 Mykanos is really Mykonos...

--- af caurse!

Maria said...

Kitty you have some very unusual thinggies that you wanna do or have done... I just want to know why on earth would YOU or anyone want to touch a dead body? That just creeps me out to no end.

Being on a jury is not all its cracked up to be. They explain it as doing our part as a citizen and crap like that. I was part of a jury about a year and a half after we married (drug related case) I was in my early 20's and being away from home kinda sucks (unless you don't like who your living with then it could be a vacation). In any case, after being sequestered in a hotel for 5 nights (in addition to reporting to the court house everyday for 7 weeks) and having to talk to my husband through a female cop who I had to write notes to was kinda weird. I would be next to her while she read the note and she would just read no real feeling, nadda... the funniest part was having to hear her say "love you" to MY husband! LOL

Why not get people who are capable to perform jury duty like those welfare cases who are draining the government for no apparent reason. If they can walk, they can listen, etc... give them a way to earn their $$ they can even be mute cause you barely ever speak. Votes are written anonymously and you NEVER speak while in the courtroom.
No real qualifications necessary.

The bonus, you get paid a whopping $25.00 a day and after 10 days you get a raise to $40.00 a day. DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!
I am hoping salary has gone up since 1993. BTW, after the case was over and done with and I was able to go home, that is when my son was conceived. Go figure... If the government wants to increase baby births here's an idea send young married women (or not) to jury duty. Worked for me and another dude I was serving with ... I saw him at Rockaberry about a year later and his wife and I had given birth 5 days apart.

Misster Kitty said...

Why touch a dead body? WHY NOT? I say... It something I wanted to do since I was a kid. Don't know really. Maybe it was because it was kinda creepy and gross. Boys... Snips n snails and puppy dog tails... and dead bodies. :-)

Jury duty. Yea I hear it's normally crap-ola, but I want to get on something good like an OJ type thing... you know, something juicy. HA!

Maria said...

an OJ case will cost you about 6 months of your life AWAY from your loved ones for a whopping $25.00 a day... After a while you start to feel like your the criminal. You can't use the phone, you always need to eat in a group, you sleep alone (OK in a hotel room but still ALONE). Best of all you need an escort to go to the bathroom. Yes, thats right folks, always a cop waiting for you outside the restroom. Fun Filled nights!! and days!

Misster Kitty said...

Well thanks for ruining it for me Maria!


Maria said...

don't mention it thats what I am here for!

John said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! That's a milestone I haven't quite reached yet... but soon!


PS... touching a dead body is memorable at the very least. Your experience will vary depending on your relationship to that person. I've never touched the dead body of someone I did not know.

Misster Kitty said...

There's a huge difference in touching a stranger and someone you know. I've done both, but when it's a family member it's different. It's a final touch goodbye, when it's a cadaver on a trolly it's like testing the ripeness of a cantelope...
(I imagine that last comment wll freak a few out. sorry)

Newsguy Bob said...

Canteloupe? What part of the body was that, pray tell?

Anonymous said...

what you touched??
breast implant???
oprah's audience on one of her "favorite things" taping??
i suspect that's your inner 70 years old grannie getting her bloomers in a bunch over this....
how about showing up in full leopard gear at oprah's, & screaming your head off throughout the whole show??
just a thought!!

Misster Kitty said...

Ok when you grab a really ripe cantelope it sorta 'gives' a bit and leaves an impression of your finger... that's what a cadaver waiting for dissection is like...


and Ticklebear, hell yes Oprah's favourite things episodes... the one's every christmas season where she give tons o stuff to the audience. The latest electronics, clothes, books, music, gadgets, jewelry and on and on and on... I wouldn't buy any of it, but between me and god, I'm just fine with getting it all for free! for wearing leopard print, that's a given! heh! Screaming? Oh yea I'd become one of those lame ass audience members that just screams the whole damn show! and I'd be damn proud of it!

Misster-Kitty ... no shame.

Anonymous said...

i guess "my" bodies were freshly dead, no rigor mortis & such, except once in the late 80's, where we kept the body for an extended priod, but it was a very special case....
but what i rememeber of that time mostly is...the stench!!!
sa for HER "favorite things"...i've seen a few of those episodes.
sad, seeing people like that, screaming, crying, totally hysterical, not even knowing what they'll be getting, will it be in their size? will it be their color?? who cares, they're already kissing oprah's feet & thanking "god" for such good fortune.
but i'll admit...
there's always a sweet or two i'd like to indulge in... :D~
& a few gadgets that seem neat.
but to BE there, nope.
couldn't stand the wave of hysteria.
i'd look like a rabat-joie...


Misster Kitty said...

Tell you what, T-B If I get there I'll ceep a gadget for ya...