Saturday, July 21, 2007


Vive La France? I'm no so sure after their fireworks.

Ok here's the thing, even bad fireworks displays are good, IF you just like to look at things exploding in air... and I CAN see the beauty in that, really I can. but... I think I might be getting jaded, I'm requiring more and more to impress me. And I know that what pleases one person or group will not please others but WOW I don't think I've ever been so unimpressed.

The night's music was 'Romeo and Juliet' I cannot say that I recognized any of the music from any product of R&J I've ever seen including (TV, MOVIE, BALLET and ORCHESTRAL) I'm particularly fond of Prokofiev's music (R&J and otherwise, I think he was a music genius), and it's a shame too because certain excerpts of it would translate VERY well to fireworks... specially "Dance of the Knights" and "The Duke's Command" . Instead we got music from 'Lord of the Rings' ??? (huh? what?) , some Rap Music (which I cannot stomach at the best of times) and some other various music that I could not recognize from anything. At least there was a certain romance and traditional folksy appeal.

The fireworks themselves were ok, but there were very few high ones. and I mean VERY few. The majority were on level with the Jacques Cartier, which while tall, is by no means impressive when you're talking pyrotechnics. It's a difficult thin I am sure creating tableaux in air that encompass high, and medium level fireworks as well as sparklers, and twizzlers and such on the lake itself, but sadly that didn't happen here. Yes it's true we do not have a perfect view from our roof top, but I know what's high and what's not, and these were 'not'.

Keep in mind I was watching these fireworks with a group of people ALL from France.... 2 from Toulouse, one from Nantes and 3 from Aix-en-Province and while the children screamed 'Vive Le France" a couple of times, that was about as far as their pride went...

So here are some pics, the few that turned out and were at all impressive (ie above the Bridge) I take on average 70 pics a night... and about 25 to33% turn out good... for tonight's, I took 77 and I have 9 here to show, or 11 %

Oh well, again any fireworks are fun, these were ok.

My standings remain unaffected...

SILVER: England
BRONZE: Hong Kong


And then you have...

- - -

Seems Misster-Kitty and the TickleBear are coming to odds with the last few Fireworks displays. Only one to go... Germany on Wed night and then the closing ceremonies on Saturday night...



we may be at odds, hon, but we can still respect each other :)~
it just seems that it boils down to whom has the better view, & it appears i have the UPPER hand on that one.
no, really, i enjoyed it, not in a visceral way such as the americans do, but it was more emtional, something delicate yet beautiful in its nature.
can't agree on everything,
nor is it necessary, in my opinion.
just funny though how different our perceptions are...
wonder what else we'd disagree on???
germany, bring it on!!!


Misster Kitty said...

Oh well there's TOTAL respect on this, but I don't think the line of sight would have added anything to me. It's obvious that you 'got' France on a level that was just very '747' for me. Glad that someone liked em though! heh!

As for Germany, I only pray there is no Omm-pah-pah music... There ain't enough 'Bier Deutsches'in the world for me to accept that!

Ich bin ein Feuerwerkgeliebter.


prost, then, my dear!!
may there be enough to drown your sorrow if it's a poor presentation....

Misster Kitty said...

heh! I just might hafta...