Thursday, July 12, 2007



"I have so many people to thank, uh God of course and who else.... ah yes, Satan!"
~ Stewie Griffin
(Seth MacFarlane) that I'd add, The gods, the fates and Mix96!
- - - - -

OK, if you recall on Monday, for my "Quote of the week" in a desperate attempt to gain favour amongst the fates, the gods, Mix96 I quoted Stewie from the Family Guy, in the hopes that it might help me win tickets to the (sold out) Family Guy Live show at this year's Just For Laughs Festival! Hey, you gotta send these things out into the Universe people...!

Well no one is more shocked than yours truly that I actually JUST W-O-N a PAIR o' tickets this AM on da radio-io-io!

I've been missing my chances all week because they usually have the call in whilst I'm subterranean on my commute. I got to work this morning, turned on the radio and they had not yet given their tickets away for the day.

My co-worker, Kelli and I dive on our re-dial when any Mix96 contest is on... we don't even know what we're calling in for some times... Well she got through and threw the phone over to me. God, me likey that Gal - She won tickets to the Scissor Sisters back in March and gave 'em to me cause she no really likey the S.S. except for "Don't feel like Dancing" and I think that's more because her 4 year old Rebecca love the song and is constantly confused when the chorus starts, because she's bopping along dancing and realizes even as she dancing that she's singing the words "I don't feel like dancing..." (PRICELESS!) - and what do you know? I won!

To win you had to name the 3 animated TV shows (cartoons y'all) from the sound bites of their opening themes. Funny thing is I'd never even seen one of them (#2), ever...
1) Flintstones (a CLASSIC)
2) The Archies (NEVER seen in my life, read the comics though as a kid)
3) King of the Hill (Yee haw)

Only snag... The tickets are for the same night we have planned a BBQ for visiting friends from France.. Can you say dilemma? yea... I can. I can also say a couple of expletives too! Well, we'll figure something out, cause I CAN-NOT miss this... I'm an INSANE fan of the Family Guy, this is too FREAKIN' SWEET!

Of course... this also means I'm one step closer to groping Seth Green!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because I have tickets to The Family Guy Live.


Maria said...

Well, good on you! All I am looking at winning from the Mix these days is some Movie Monday passes and I can never get through. When I do get through I am either the 6th caller or way past the 9th.

Now since they are having Jo Koi on tomorrow during the morning show I want a CD from him. I bought his CD back in April when he was performing at the ethnic heroes of comedy and the CD doesn't even work!! SO JO BABY I WANT A NEW CD and YOU can have the old one back.

Misster Kitty said...

I am so super-stoked about winning the tickets! I know it's kinda lame, but I so love this show. I get visibly upset when I miss an episode. It's really a dream come true to see the cast read a show live.


You should ask N@ to get you a replacement CD....

I've not hear of Jo Koi... he's good huh?

Newsguy Bob said...

Your dilemma is solved, Kitty. Send your French friends over the Maria's. She'll feed 'em real good.

And if any of them are vegetarians, she'll make lamb!

Glad I could help.

Misster Kitty said...

Henry Kissenger has nothing on you NGB!

Maria, how is 7 pm? heh

Maria said...

7 pm is fine... I already wrote in to cat, lisa and murray to get me a replacement CD. Hope it helps.

Jo Koi is hilarious especially his impersonation of pulling on his penis! Yes, you heard right "PULLING ON HIS PENIS"

John said...

I'm so jealous. Seth MacFarlane is an absolute sexy genius.

You grope Green. I'll gate-crash and grope MacFarlane!

Misster Kitty said...

What guy needs to impersonate pulling his Peter? What's wrong with the actual act? heh

Misster Kitty said...

Oh gosh, don't get me wrong Seth MF is patootee as well, but Seth G is just sooooo cute and he'd make a nice Pocket Gay.

If I get Meet n Greet I'll grope em both! heh

Maria said...

you got to see Jo Koi do his act to understand! HILARIOUS!

Newsguy Bob said...

Seth Green. That's the little guy who plays Scott Evil, right? Smaller than Dr. Evil, but bigger than Mini Me.

Misster Kitty said...

He's the one!

I loved him in the 'Austin Powers' flix and alson in 'Greg the Bunny' and 'Robot Chicken'